WhatsApp Broadcast vs Group (Explained)

What Is Whatsapp Broadcast Vs Group

WhatsApp is becoming a suitable application for chatting with friends, but many don’t people understand its features.

Some of the features that make WhatsApp suitable are things like groups and broadcasts.

You must be wondering what differentiates the two features and how you can use them. This guide has explained what a group and broadcast are in WhatsApp and how we can differentiate the two.

Quick Answer

WhatsApp broadcast and group are features for communication in the platform. Although the features allow you to communicate to a large audience at once, it differs in that, in a broadcast, you only send messages to saved contacts, while in a group, you can communicate with everyone without saving their contact. Moreover, if someone has blocked you, you can’t send them a message via broadcast, but you can communicate via a group.

The broadcast and group features in WhatsApp differ by a great deal. This post has explained what WhatsApp groups and broadcasts are and what differentiates them. Let’s get started!

What is a WhatsApp Group?

A WhatsApp group consists of up to 1024 members who have come together to communicate about a given subject. WhatsApp groups are formed for various reasons, making it easy to communicate with many people by typing one message.

A WhatsApp group can be compared to attending a philosophy class and listening to the lecture teach. Everyone will hear the question and answer if a single student asks a question. That means that although you don’t know everyone in the philosophy class, you can still interact with each other, provided you are in the class.

WhatsApp groups work in the same way, such that although you have not saved someone’s number but are in the same group, they can receive your message and respond to it.

What is a WhatsApp Broadcast?

A WhatsApp broadcast is a communication feature that has allowed WhatsApp users with the business version to communicate with many people simultaneously. You must have saved someone’s number in a broadcast to send them a message.

Moreover, a broadcast sends a message to the recipient individually.

You can send a single message to 256 people using a broadcast, but they will receive it in their chats rather than in a group. That way, they can respond to you when they are ready, and the other members who received the same message will not know when another person responds.

WhatsApp broadcast is popular when you want to send wishes to many people. For instance, if you want to send thirty people a Christmas message, you can use the broadcast feature to send each individual the same message.

WhatsApp Broadcast vs. Group

WhatsApp broadcast and group are communication features, but they differ in many ways. Check the differences below if you are wondering when to use the features.

Difference #1: Communicating with Blocked Numbers

When using WhatsApp groups, communicating with numbers you have blocked, or those that have blocked you is possible.

But when using the broadcast feature, if you send a message to a person who has blocked your number, they will not receive the message.

Difference #2: Saving Numbers

WhatsApp group does not require you to save all numbers to communicate with other group members. That means you can send and receive a message from someone not saved in your contact.

For WhatsApp broadcasts, you must have a person’s number saved in your contact to send a message to them.

Difference #3: WhatsApp Broadcast Opens Individual Chats

When you use the broadcast feature to communicate, you will realize that you will have an individual chat with all the people you send messages to.

This is not the case with WhatsApp groups because all group members will receive the message in the group section without opening individual chat windows.

Difference #4: All Group members See WhatsApp Group Replies

When you send your message via the group feature, every member of the group connected to a network will see all messages sent by other members.

Moreover, other group members will see the response when one responds to a message.

But, when using the broadcast feature, if a receiver responds to your message, it is encrypted, and nobody will know about it.


The WhatsApp group feature is suitable when you want to communicate with many people about the same message and hear their views.

But, if you don’t want several people to know you sent them the same message, use the broadcast feature to send messages individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use WhatsApp broadcast over WhatsApp group?

The WhatsApp group feature is sued when many members are affected by the same issue. If you have members with who you share the same views and want to catch up and interact with each other, using the group feature is advisable. But you can use the broadcast feature to send wishes to several people without typing a unique message.

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