What Was the First Discord Server?

What Was The First Discord Server

Discord servers are the means through which people communicate on Discord.

When you want to create a group, you create a server and invite people with a common interest.

When Discord was developed, the first people to use it were gamers, and the fact that it offered the best voice calls than any other platform used before, gamers loved it.

Quick Answer

The first Discord server was formed before Discord was released in 2015. Someone had created a server and encouraged other people on Reddit to check the server that would talk about a new expansion pack. The co-founders of Discord discovered the link, and they started chatting with everybody that showed up.

The first Discord server was created by a stranger who encouraged people to check the app for its suitable features. If you want to discover more about the history of Discord and the first server, continue reading this post!

What is the History of Discord?

Discord is a popular platform that started operating officially in 2015.

The founders, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, were not sure that it would work, but they started with a team of ten members who had to develop the application until it was better for use.

Citron and his partner had a few users at first, and they were like ten people using it. A few gamers used the app, and when Citron showed their friends, they would indicate how it was cool, but they did not use it.

After talking to users, the team working on Discord realized Discord was not better than other apps like Skype that were popularly used because of failing calls and the quality of the calls.

The development team started rebuilding the voice and worked on it three times before it was accepted to be the best.

The Discord testers noticed how better the application was and talked to their friends about it. From that, the first server was created, and people publicized it via Reddit.

What Was the First Discord Server?

Strangers formed the first Discord server in 2015. A server was created, and a person posted the link on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit, encouraging people to check it out.

Final Fantasy Xiv Subreddit Discord

Citron and his co-founder joined the server immediately after seeing the link and started chatting with everybody who joined it.

Redditors helped market Discord because they would return to Reddit and say how it was wonderful talking to the developers, encouraging more people to visit Discord.

That is the day, Discord received a hundred registration, making it the day the public started using Discord.

Who Was the First Discord User?

There is no exact name of the first Discord user, but among the first users is someone called Vind on Discord.

The user and his friends stopped using TeamSpeak and started using Discord because they wanted something that offered a community besides providing a platform for gaming.

Discord’s ability to allow users to create channels for various conversations and do other things like keeping order made it suitable for Vind and his friends.


Discord is an application that has grown fast, especially during the Covid pandemic.

The application gives you control and offers a channel to form a community where you can have conversations and games.

This post has explained the history of Discord and the first server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first Discord server?

The first Discord server was created the day the public started using Discord. The server was created, and the link was shared through a subreddit that encouraged Redditors to check the release of a new development pack.

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