How Long To Wait for Someone on Zoom?

How Long To Wait For Someone On Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular virtual meeting and conferencing apps today. This app’s core functions include one-on-one meetings, virtual conferencing, screen sharing, and recording.

Besides facilitating business-level and professional meetings, people also use Zoom to hold casual and semi-casual meetings and events.

If you Zoom regularly, professionally, or for personal meetings, you’ve likely wondered whether there’s a standard timeline dictating how long to wait for the other person if they are late.

Quick Answer

There’s no standard timeline for how long to wait for the other person on Zoom. However, a 5-10 minute wait period is sufficient. Even though being late for a Zoom meeting can be discourteous, the other person may be experiencing an emergency like a technical hitch because of their internet or app failing to connect. If they don’t join the meeting within ten minutes of starting, you can end it or postpone it to another date.

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with Zoom etiquette issues, like how long to wait for someone. This post will highlight various things to consider when deciding the appropriate timeline to wait for someone to join a Zoom meeting.

Overview of Proper Zoom Etiquette

As noted earlier, Zoom is integral to many aspects of our lives, including work, events, and meetings. Using Zoom for various reasons also means there must be rules and regulations about how best to conduct yourself when using the app.

Zoom’s etiquette guidelines primarily depend on the type of meeting you are having. For example, rules on dress code, conduct, and background mainly apply to professional settings. Additionally, joining business or work meetings on time is crucial to avoid looking unprofessional.

Even though these rules may not always apply to casual Zoom meetings, it’s vital to be courteous and join the meeting on time, even when it is casual.

Next, we’ll discuss some factors to consider when deciding how long to wait for someone on Zoom.

Factors To Consider When Waiting for Someone on Zoom

As we’ve established, there’s no standard timeline on how long to wait for someone on Zoom. However, a 5-10 minute timeline is sufficient for professional meetings.

It’s important to remember that situations can vary, meaning you may have to assess and adapt to your specific situation. Here are some factors to consider when deciding how long to wait for someone on Zoom.

The Urgency of the Meeting

One of the things to consider is how urgent the meeting is. If you’re discussing a crucial matter, waiting a few more minutes may be best.

It’s also important to note that professionals have busy lives meaning it might take time to schedule or actualize another meeting. If such specifics apply to your case, you may extend the timeline to 15 or 20 minutes.

Nature of the Meeting

The nature of the meeting is also an essential consideration in deciding how long to wait for someone on Zoom. It is standard for people to join professional or business meetings on time.

If the person you’re meeting is late, it may be due to unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, you can give them a 5-15 minute window before dismissing the meeting.

On the other hand, casual meetings have more room for flexibility, meaning you can give them a 20-minute window.

However, if you have a secondary means of inquiry, like a phone, you can contact them and ask if they are available for the meeting.

Ability To Postpone

Some meetings have a postponement option, while others don’t. For example, if you have scheduled an update meeting with your department, but some members are late, you can postpone the meeting to a different date.

If it’s possible to postpone, then waiting 5-10 minutes before closing the meeting is best. You might have to extend this timeline if it’s impossible to postpone.


How long you wait for someone on Zoom also depends on your or the other person’s availability. Giving the other person enough time may be impossible if you have a busy day.

In such cases, you can inform them that you can’t wait and reschedule the meeting when you are both available.


There’s no standard timeline for how long to wait for someone on Zoom, but a 5-10 minute window should be sufficient. Remember, situations can differ from one person to another.

If your meeting is urgent with no possibility of postponement, extending the waiting window by a few minutes is best. It’s also essential to consider the nature of the meeting and its availability to assess how long to wait.

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