What Is a Good Icebreaker for a Zoom Meeting?

What Is A Good Icebreaker For A Zoom Meeting

As technology advances, companies and organizations can use remote working environments to save on space and cost. You will likely use Zoom for the better part of your day when working remotely.

While staying on Zoom can quickly get more tiring than working in a physical space, different icebreakers can spice the moment. We will cover them in this guide.

Quick Answer

An ice breaker kills boredom before, during, or after a Zoom session. Thus, good icebreakers are trivia, fun games, breakout rooms, getting to know each other, playing with background, testing creativity, playing with virtual backgrounds, brainstorming activities, guessing games, etc. The goal is to ensure you keep the team motivated, especially before a meeting. With icebreakers, you will have an active Zoom session, and members will get to know each other, enhancing collaboration.

We begin by understanding what a Zoom icebreaker means. From there, we will discuss different icebreakers giving examples of how to apply them where applicable. That way, you will have an arsenal of icebreakers for your next Zoom session.

What Is a Zoom Icebreaker?

A Zoom session involves connecting with people remotely, so each participant joins the Zoom meeting and interacts with their colleagues. In recent years, people have shifted their activities to using remote conferencing tools like Zoom for work, school, and connecting with friends and family.

When your team collaborates via Zoom, you need a way to keep them motivated. You achieve that using an icebreaker. The icebreaker refers to any activity that ensures the team feels comfortable, accommodated, and enhances collaboration.

Most icebreakers come from questions, games, and breakout rooms. That way, the team will get to know each other more and be active during the Zoom session.

What Is a Good Icebreaker for a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom has been a stable platform for many of us since 2020. Working from home is now a regular activity, and it has its pros and cons. The major drawback is that you can quickly get bored with long Zoom sessions.

As the team leader, you must get creative ways to keep the team morale up, and by using icebreakers, you will have good tips for that. Here are some of the excellent icebreakers to use for a Zoom meeting.

Icebreaker Questions

Numerous questions can help spice the mood when in a Zoom session. Moreover, the questions allow people to share their thoughts and details to help the team better know each other.

You can ask these questions randomly or have a few participants answer the same question to get their different perceptions. Here are some of the questions you can use.

  • What’s your take on Zoom sessions?
  • What’s your biggest career goal?
  • If you could be a superhero, what power would you have?
  • How was your weekend?
  • What one thing do you miss about working in an office environment?
  • What’s your favorite pet?

You can ask endless questions, but the above examples give you an idea of what to ask.

Guessing Game

What better way would you spice the mood if not by playing a guessing game with the partners? For instance, you can pick random people to draw something and have the team guess the animal or the abbreviation.

There are different angles to take regarding the guessing game; you will get everyone involved and engaged. That way, the mood will be cheerful before you start the session.

Share Pictures

You can have the team share their most recent pictures, such as the pictures they took over the weekend, and have members critique each image as part of creating fun. Moreover, you can challenge them to share a picture of their setup or background.

Introduce Pets and Partners

Still, you can challenge the participants to introduce their partners and pets. That way, you will create a bonding session where you appreciate each other and know details about their pets or partners.

Zoom Background Challenge

Here, you can challenge the team to come up with the best background and see who wins in the challenge. The fun comes in when each participant takes time to come up with their ideal background to win the game.

Breakout Rooms

Lastly, you can create breakout rooms for the team group to exchange ideas for a few minutes before joining the main session.

Breakout rooms help the team engage with each other and know each other more. They are helpful when you notice the team is dull during a session.


There are different Zoom icebreakers that you can use to create a fun experience and enhance teamwork. We’ve discussed some of these icebreakers. Try them out.

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