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What To Tweet About

What To Tweet About

So, you’ve just joined Twitter. Now you’re ready to share anything with over 150 million daily users. But there’s one problem – you’re lost for ideas and don’t know what to tweet about. All you need is a spark of inspiration, and thankfully, the process we’re getting into will help you come up with thousands of ideas on content for Twitter.

Quick Answer

1. Tweet about your thought or something interesting that happened.

2. Tweet about brands you follow.

3. Retweet other people’s content.

4. Ask a question anywhere on the app.

5. Promote something you do or like.

Here’s where we dive into the seven inspiring tips that will give you an endless list of ideas to tweet, so you never run out of things to say ever again.

Tip #1: Tweet an Interesting Thought or Opinion

The simplest thing you can do on Twitter is to share an interesting thought or opinion. And if your thought doesn’t sound interesting to someone, it still can be a conversation starter.

But what if you’ve got nothing in mind right now?

A few ideas to get you going:

  • Share a thought you had during a conversation.
  • Share an idea or comment someone said during a conversation.
  • Ask for someone’s views on a topic they follow and share your opinion about it.
  • Watch an exciting video and tweet the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Read an article out of your interest and share what you’ve learned.

How to keep an endless list of interesting thoughts and opinions:

Once you do the above, you’ll find that you get ideas just pouring out of you. If you don’t have time to tweet them all, we suggest you write them down in the ‘Notes’ of your smartphone and save these to post later.

Tip #2: Tweet About Something That Happened Today

The next best thing to tweet is about something that happened today. Whether you went out for a walk and saw ducks crossing a road or stayed in and watched Netflix, what’s the harm in sharing it?

Here’s the magic in tweeting about something that happened today. Let’s say you stayed in and watched Netflix. And you shared that with your followers.

A friend comments on your tweet about that series and also recommends another series you’ve never heard about. So, you give that a try and end up liking it just as much as what you’re currently watching!

And if you haven’t done anything that you think is worth sharing today, why not tweet something like “What would you recommend to do on a day off?”

Try it, and you’ll see the endless possibilities of having more fun in life and getting lots more ideas on what to tweet about.

Tip #3: Answer the Question – “What’s Happening?”

Whats Happening

Twitter’s tweet bar asks you, “What’s happening?” right before you share a thought. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, then the next best option is to answer the question literally.

Are you waiting in a queue? Answer the question and include how you feel about it.

About to get your teeth cleaned and whitened? Why not share that, mention the nerves building up, and add an emoji if that’s your style!

By answering the question “What’s happening?” you won’t run out of things to say, even if you don’t have notes saved up on your smartphone.

Tip #4: Tweet About a Brand

This can be exciting and also opens up opportunities for you to improve your life in ways you could only dream of before. We seriously mean that.

The benefits of tweeting about a brand:

  • Get a chance to meet the brand owners or partake in events.
  • Potentially get some freebies or access to exclusive content, products, etc.
  • Increase your exposure to many other followers just like you through a shout-out.
  • Opportunities to network with other people and maybe it leads to life-changing partnerships? Who knows!

And here’s our quick formula on how to tweet about the brand:

  1. Find a brand you like. For example – a musician.
  2. Listen to their newest album and find a catchy song.
  3. Find something specific about the song and tweet how you feel about it while tagging the musician.

Tip #5: Retweet

Retweeting other content is incredibly simple to do. There’s no thought process behind this other than finding topics and users to retweet interesting ideas that you agree with or want to challenge.

Here’s our process for retweeting other people’s content – Find a public figure or brand that you follow. Look up their content on Twitter and find something that you either resonate with or want to question.

Hit the ‘quote tweet’ button and share your thoughts on their message. You can also include how you felt about it, what you think could happen, or any opposing opinion that counteracts their point of view.

Tip #6: Ask a Question

Ask A Question

Twitter isn’t just for sharing; it’s also a place where you can learn from others who know more than you on specific topics. So you can grow your competence which directly influences your confidence.

That has huge benefits in itself and benefits you for sharing more precise ideas onto the app.

Follow our 5W system to ask questions that lead to great topics:

  • Who are the most respected individuals in [topic]?
  • What other areas would anyone suggest within this [topic]?
  • Where can I do more research on [topic]?
  • When do updates and news happens within the [topic] industry?
  • Why does [X] happen the way it does in [topic] niche/industry?

Tip #7: Promote Something You Like or Do

The last thing you can do is promote something you like or do. This can be anything from what you do for work to what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

This is another fantastic opportunity to meet more like-minded people to share and learn more ideas while growing yourself and bringing new brilliant ideas to the app.

Simply take what you like doing about your job and follow topics in that industry. Start sharing ideas that you’ve come across while working and watch your feed light up with new things for you to try and become a valued member of that community.


Now you know the seven tips to come up with thousands of fascinating ideas for content on Twitter. This will give you an endless list of tweets to share. And remember – if you’re not able to share all of your thoughts on the same day, keep a selection of them neatly stacked somewhere; for example, in your notes app.

To recap on how never to lose ideas on what to tweet about:

  • Tweet an interesting thought, opinion, or something that happened today.
  • Tweet about a brand or retweet content from the app.
  • Ask a question.
  • Promote something you like or do.

We also covered the opportunities that can come from sharing thoughts on Twitter. Once you write your tweets consistently, you can learn, grow, and connect with like-minded people on many topics you care deeply about.

And connecting with others on a deeper level can improve your life and give you more content to share. Things like partnerships into programs or events, meeting influential figures in industries you follow and learning life skills that can dramatically change your life.

All of these things can rapidly increase your ideas and opinions, which inspire you to share them with everyone else using the app.

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