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How To Get Someone’s Attention on Instagram

How To Get Someone S Attention On Instagram

Years ago, before social media, your best shot at getting someone’s attention was to face them. Those with confidence had an easy time, but if facing someone and showing your interest is not your stronghold, you had a rough time.

Luckily, social media platforms are now giving everyone a chance to show their interest to someone in the comfort of their phone. If lucky and with the right guide, you can comment, like, and DM your way to someone’s heart.

Quick Answer

Following your crush on Instagram is one thing. The challenge is where you have to show your attraction to them without getting creepy creatively. How do you flirt with someone on Instagram the right way? Good tricks include liking their posts, commenting on their stories, viewing their profile to understand them better, and much more.

If you are trying to show someone you are attracted to them on Instagram, there is a correct way of doing it. Today’s guide arms you with the best tips and tricks to creatively get someone’s attention without them realizing it. Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you will get your crush more interested in you.

Can I Get Someone’s Attention on Instagram?

Yes, you can. Besides, it’s not only on Instagram but on any social media platform. The good thing about this era is that platforms like Instagram offer us updates about people’s lives without getting physically involved. You can talk to someone regardless of their location without moving.

Moreover, people are constantly updating details about their life on their Instagram Story, giving you a chance to get involved indirectly. With the details they present on Instagram, you can easily learn someone’s character and, with time, understand what they like, their hobby, what makes them happy, and other details to get them interested and feel you’ve been in their life all along.

People are falling in love online. What started as a simple DM is turning into a beautiful love story, and you have your chance of throwing your shot and getting someone’s attention.

We understand that getting the right words and moves can be challenging, so we will present the various dos and don’ts when getting someone’s attention. Stay tuned!

How Do I Get Someone’s Attention on Instagram?

There are various ways to get someone’s attention, and you shouldn’t rush as some of these moves require time. With that being said, below are the tips you should follow.

Tip #1: Follow Them on Instagram

It may sound obvious, but following your target person is your first move. You will see their posts, profile, and stories by following them.

The trick here is to follow them but don’t DM them instantly. If their profile is private, request them once to accept you as a follower. If they fail to accept your request, don’t resend it.

Your crush will first notice you as their follower. They can then return the favor and follow you back.

Follow Them On Instagram

Tip #2: View Their Profile

How will someone get your attention if you view their profile? Here’s the deal; viewing someone’s profile will give more details about them. You can view their past posts and better understand them.

The details come in handy in later conversations as you will have an idea of their past and what they love posting about and get more information about them from their bio.

View Their Profile

Tip #3: Like Their Posts

People have different posting habits. If they often post, you should be keen on how you like their posts. However, don’t rush to like all their posts.

Yes, you heard that right. Liking every post your target person has can seem awkward and creepy.

It would help if you focused on specific posts and only like once in a while. For instance, if they post three posts a day, only like one.

Again, you can leave a comment that doesn’t seem sexual. Look generally and leave short comments or emojis. When they view their post, they will likely notice you and be keen to watch what you like next or comment.

Like Their Posts

Tip #4: DM Them Casually

Sending someone a DM can be a win or loss if you are not keen. It will be a win if you do it thoughtfully. Don’t seem straightforward or sexual.

If you’ve seen their Instagram Story and want to DM them, you could comment on the picture’s background or video. If they’ve posted an image in a car, you could comment on the make or where they got it.

Dm Them Casually

What’s the trick here?

You are trying to create a conversation and want them to take control. If you comment on their vacation location and ask how cool or what’s cool about the place, someone is likely to tell you more. Before they notice it, they will be talking to you repeatedly, which is what you want, right?

Ideally, you should frame your comments about their posts or stories as questions and give them room to answer.

Engaging them will eventually create a bond, making your motives look genuine. Where possible, please don’t over DM. One DM is enough until they respond. Furthermore, avoid commenting sexually about their body, even if they post in bikinis.

Tip #5: Make Your Posts Good-Looking

If the person you are targeting follows you back, they will be curious about what you post. Here, you must look at the quality and stand out. Give them a reason to be eager to view your story. How do you do that? Start by posting quality pictures and videos.

Make Your Posts Good-Looking

Posts things that make you happy, fun moments, hobbies, and life updates.

For instance, you could be posting three times a week, but if you’ve managed to get their attention using the earlier stated tips, they will be eager to view what you post to get room to analyze who you are.

Tip #6: Make a Shoutout

People are more attracted to someone who acknowledges the presence of others in their life, especially family. In your posts, you could give a shoutout to your friend or family. You probably share a mutual friend, and that would boost their attention to you.

Make A Shoutout

Tip #7: Get Busy

Don’t seem desperate or idle by spending all your time on Instagram, liking and viewing their posts and stories.

Better, please don’t rush to respond whenever they text you. That will make you appear desperate.

Instead, take your natural time to respond to make them appreciate and respect your time. When they see you replying to their DMs, they will conclude you’ve spared your crucial time to talk to them.

Tip #8: Ask Them Out

At long last, what you want to achieve is meeting them, right? So, once you are fond of chatting on Instagram, take it next level. It could be via SMS, calls, or email. Over time, you will grow fond of each other, and at that point, you will get the confidence to request to meet the person. If they have grown fond of you, they won’t say no.


Instagram is a great platform to follow someone’s life updates. On the platform, you can meet new people, including your crush.

If you are trying to get someone’s attention on Instagram, this guide offers tips you should follow. Follow them, and soon your crush will get fond of you. You will love it!

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