What Is the Best Lighting for Zoom Meetings?

What Is The Best Lighting For Zoom Meetings

When using Zoom, lighting is everything in creating a presentable video feed. So, having a way to enhance your lighting will create a presentable video feed and boost your Zoom confidence.

Although Zoom offers an option for using HD video and enhancing the touch appearance, you still need to enhance the lighting in a Zoom meeting. Stick around for more details.

Quick Answer

Natural lighting is the easiest way to use light in a Zoom meeting. However, if that’s not an option, you can use a ring light to give you artificial light to spark your video quality. Different ring lights offer different lighting, and some of the best lighting to use include Razer ring light, Lume cube kit, etc. Ideally, the features of the ring light determine whether it’s the best to use for your Zoom meeting.

We will discuss why lighting matters in Zoom. Still, we will cover tips to help create a presentable Zoom experience. Moreover, we will see different lighting solutions and the best lighting for Zoom meetings.

Does Lighting Matter in Zoom?

Yes, it does. Zoom is a videoconferencing platform that lets users create and join a meeting. In a Zoom video call, anyone participating in the meeting will see your video feed on their screen, especially if you are the speaker.

Besides, if others have enabled their video feed, you will see their video on your end. So, having a good-looking video will ensure you stand out, look clear, and boost your confidence when using Zoom.

Best Tips on Boosting Your Zoom Experience

Your Zoom presentation means a lot and represents who you are. If you are the speaker, having a clear video is one way of guaranteeing a successful Zoom session.

Your speaker screen will appear in the center of everyone’s screen. So, ensure you get a clear video feed. For that, consider using the below tips to enhance your appearance.

Focus on Good Lighting

Your lighting setup determines how you appear in the Zoom meeting. With a killer lighting setup, your video feed will look clear, and everyone watching you will get the best view.

Good lighting can be attained by sitting in a room with natural light, such as near a window. Still, you can rely on artificial lighting solutions, which we will cover in the next section.

Use Virtual Background

Zoom allows users to upload virtual backgrounds to cover their actual backgrounds. Suppose you are in a room that is messy or not presentable. You can upload an image or video to set it as your background.

When someone views your video feed on Zoom, they will see the virtual background you’ve added.

Use HD Video

Zoom lets users enable the HD video features from the settings page. With this feature, Zoom will enhance your appearance to achieve higher pixels.

That way, you will look more presentable as your video packets will be transmitted in higher pixels.

Use “Touch Up My Appearance

Zoom has the “Touch up my appearance” you can use to adjust your appearance. This feature lets you eliminate wrinkles, adjust brightness, remove dark spots, etc.

To utilize the feature, follow these quick steps.

  1. Open Zoom and sign in.
  2. Click on the gear icon to open settings.
  3. Locate the “Video” tab and click on it.
  4. Find the option for “Touch up my appearance” and adjust it using the slider.
  5. In the “Camera” section above, select “HD” to turn on the HD video we discussed earlier.

What Is the Best Lighting for Zoom Meetings?

We’ve discussed how lighting is crucial, but we’ve not discussed the best lighting for your Zoom session. Here is the best lighting for Zoom.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting refers to the sun. You can utilize it by sitting in an area near the window. That way, your appearance will be enhanced in a Zoom session.

Ring Lights

You can purchase a ring light that you can use to brighten your appearance while using Zoom. Different brands exist for ring lights, but the features of each differ.

Most ring lights have a stand and mount. Moreover, they are best for an enclosed room. Once you focus the ring light in front of you, it will brighten your face and enhance your appearance.

The best brands for ring lights are the “Lume cube” and the “Razor ring.” You can use any brand you find reliable for your case.


The best lighting for Zoom meetings is the artificial light you get using a ring or natural light from the sun. We’ve seen why lighting matters and offered tops to enhance your Zoom lighting and experience.

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