What Is Super Thanks on YouTube?

What Is Super Thanks On Youtube

When you enjoy content from a particular YouTube channel, it’s allowed to support the creator. YouTube offers different options to support a creator, and Super Thanks is one of those options.

There are various details surrounding Super Thanks on YouTube, and this post will guide you in understanding what Super Thanks is and how to enable and utilize it.

Quick Answer

Super Thanks is a YouTube feature that appears at the top of a video, and when a viewer clicks on it, they can add a message and select the amount to use to appreciate the creator. Through Super Thanks, viewers get to support their favorite content creator. The creator earns revenue through the amount a viewer spends to purchase the one-time animation.

We will cover what Super Thanks is. We will see how to enable it and what it takes to enable it on your YouTube channel, and how viewers can appreciate you using the Super Thanks feature. Stick around and learn!

What Is Super Thanks on YouTube?

To understand what Super Thanks on YouTube is, you must understand what monetization means and how it works. YouTube offers the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to support creators by allowing them to make income on the platform.

When a YouTube creator gets accepted into the YPP, they can enable the “Super Thanks” feature, and when they upload their videos, viewers can quickly utilize it to support them. Super Thanks was previously referred to as the “Viewer applause,” the new feature was first released as a beta test to a few users.

However, “Super Thanks” is officially available to all users, and when you click on it and purchase the one-time animation, the amount you spend on it will get channeled to the content creator.

Note that as a viewer, you can only use Super Thanks if a creator has monetized their channel and enabled the feature on their channel. Again, the creator must have met the requirements to enable monetization for their channel.

When you want to manage the Super Thanks you receive on your videos, access the YouTube Studio, and in the “Comments” section, you will find all comments your channel has received. Use the filter to only display those sent using the “Super Thanks” filter.

How To Enable and Use Super Thanks on YouTube

Are you curious to understand how Super Thanks is enabled on YouTube? First, you must understand that the “Super Thanks” feature can only be enabled if you have monetized your YouTube channel. Therefore, your channel must have over 1000 subscribers and exceed 4000 watch time hours.

Once you get accepted to monetize the channel, you can enable the Super Thanks feature, as it is disabled by default. Use the steps below to enable it.

  1. Open YouTube browser version.
  2. Click your profile avatar at the top.
  3. Select the “YouTube Studio” option.
  4. Find “Monetization” or “Earn” on the left and click on it.
  5. Locate the “Supers” tab and click on it.

Once you’ve enabled it, viewers accessing your videos will see the “Thanks” button appear at the top of the video and can click on it to appreciate your effort and support your channel.

Reviewing the revenue you’ve gained thanks to “Super Thanks” from your viewers is also possible. For that, you can utilize the steps below.

  1. Access YouTube Studio.
  2. Navigate to the “Analytics” page.
  3. Locate the “Revenue” tab and open it.
  4. Below the “Transaction Revenue,” you will find the “Super Thanks” section, and click on it.

That’s it. You now understand what “Super Thanks” is, how you can utilize it, and how you can monitor the comments you’ve received and the revenue acquired from it.


Super Thanks is a feature added to YouTube to ensure viewers can support content creators by sending thanks to them.

We’ve defined Super Thanks, what it takes to get it, how to enable it, and monitoring the comments and revenue you gain. With that, you can now get comfortable with YouTube’s “Super Thanks” as a YouTube content creator or viewer.

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