Why Do YouTube Shorts Get More Views?

Why Do Youtube Shorts Get More Views

People are more glued to their devices, watching different content in the digital era. Platforms like YouTube are getting millions of users, which keeps increasing.

As a YouTube content creator, you must have interacted with YouTube Shorts. While at it, you’ve noticed that YouTube Shorts often get more views. Why is this so?

Quick Answer

YouTube Shorts get more views as they are shorter, and people enjoy watching short videos as their content is more engaging. Plus, YouTube’s algorithm promotes YouTube Shorts over longer videos; when someone views one, they can swipe up and access another. Thus, it’s easier for them to get more engagement.

Our focus in this post is YouTube Shorts. We will discuss what they are and why they matter to content creators. Moreover, we will discuss why YouTube Shorts get more views and give tips on how as a creator, you can increase the views your YouTube Shorts get.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform mainly designed to give creators room to engage with viewers by uploading video content. Initially, creators focused on creating long-form videos.

However, YouTube recently added YouTube Shorts as a way to allow creators to create shorter YouTube videos and upload them, similar to how they upload longer videos. Unlike the other videos, YouTube Shorts are more engaging and appear similar to how you interact with TikTok videos.

YouTube Shorts are a maximum of 60 seconds, and you can quickly record them using your YouTube mobile app. Moreover, the app has an edit option, allowing you to record, edit, and directly upload your YouTube Shorts.

Additionally, YouTube Shorts has an audio library that lets you select what music clip you want to add to supplement your video clip.

Why Do YouTube Shorts Get More Views?

You will notice that YouTube Shorts easily get more views than YouTube videos. There are various factors why this is so. First, YouTube Shorts are shorter. Thus, many people are more comfortable watching YouTube Shorts than long-form videos.

Again, YouTube Shorts let you scroll upwards to access other Shorts. Thus, you can easily find yourself watching numerous YouTube Shorts at a go.

Its display feels like watching TikTok videos, where you can quickly watch the other videos based on the algorithm. Since the videos are short, you will have watched more than it would take to watch a 30-minute video.

Additionally, YouTube has a better algorithm for suggesting YouTube Shorts. Combining it with how engaging watching short clips is, many YouTube users will enjoy watching YouTube Shorts rather than staying on one video longer.

How Can I Increase Views for YouTube Shorts?

As a content creator, you can maximize YouTube Shorts to promote your brand, get more views, and earn income. However, you must have a strategy for creating viral YouTube Shorts.

There are different tips you can utilize. First, start by creating trending topics. For instance, if there is a trending song or challenge, you can do it. Again, focus on optimizing the tags and titles. That way, your YouTube Shorts will appear in the search results when someone searches for a given keyword.

Still, ensure you create engaging, creative, and catchy content. That way, people will easily share your content, and you will earn more viewers. When creating YouTube Shorts, also ensure you use catchy thumbnails. The first impression you make will determine if someone will click on your clip to watch.

Consistency also matters. Ensure you are consistent in your posting. Spread the word about your content on other social platforms, and be consistent when you post. You will gradually gain an audience, and people will long to watch your next YouTube Shorts.


YouTube Shorts are fun and engaging to watch. Their length, creativity, etc., make them gain more views than other long-form videos.

This post has discussed YouTube Shorts. We’ve seen why they get more views and given tips on how to gain more viewers. That said, I hope you now understand why YouTube Shorts get more views.

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