Where To Put Hashtags on YouTube?

Where To Put Hashtags On Youtube

When creating YouTube content, optimizing the video to make it visible when users search for it helps increase viewership. One common way of optimizing YouTube videos is by adding hashtags.

Your video will appear more easily when you have hashtags based on keyword research. Where do you put hashtags on YouTube to increase a video’s visibility?

Quick Answer

Hashtags are words starting with a “#” and are clickable when added. YouTube allows creators to have a maximum of 15 hashtags, but only the first three hashtags are essential in your video’s visibility, depending on where you put them. You should put hashtags in two main places, on your video’s title and at the bottom of your video’s description. The first three hashtags in the video description will appear above the video’s title after you upload it.

This post defines what hashtags are on YouTube. Further, we will understand the benefits of using hashtags on YouTube while mentioning the best practices for working with hashtags in YouTube videos. Still, we will mention where to put hashtags on YouTube.

What Are YouTube Hashtags?

You must have interacted with hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram. The hashtags are used when tagging your video with a given topic. For instance, some can share a post on Instagram and add “#AI” to associate the video with the AI trending topic. That way, their post will also appear when someone searches for the particular hashtag.

In the case of YouTube, hashtags are phrases or words added on different positions to associate the video with a given category or topic. The words or phrases start with a “#” without spaces. The added hashtag is clickable, and when someone clicks on it, they can watch other videos using the hashtag.

For instance, if you create a Java tutorial or SEO YouTube video, you can use hashtags like “#Java” or “#SEO.” That way, anyone searching for Java or SEO on YouTube will likely interact with your video as it contains the hashtag/topic.

Why Use Hashtags on YouTube?

We’ve defined hashtags but have not discussed why you should consider adding hashtags to your YouTube videos. Below are a few reasons why using hashtags on YouTube is ideal.

Increase Video Visibility

Whenever someone searches for a hashtag or given topic that matches the hashtag you’ve used, your video will appear in the search results. Besides, videos that have used similar hashtags will be displayed when someone clicks on a given hashtag.

When you add an optimized hashtag, you increase your video’s visibility, an excellent way of getting more views.

Enhances YouTube SEO

You can promote your YouTube video by getting optimized hashtags based on keyword research. Besides, you make it easier for YouTube to understand what the video is about, adding to its relevance.

Helps With Categorizing Your Video

With a hashtag, you indirectly categorize your video with a given topic or theme. Hence, when a given topic is searched on YouTube, your video will appear as part of the searched category.

When working with YouTube hashtags, there are a few things to note regarding how best to utilize hashtags.

  • Go for trending hashtags.
  • Use a few relevant hashtags.
  • Ensure the hashtags align with your video’s content or niche.
  • Check competitors to see the hashtags they have used.
  • Use the YouTube autosuggest to find hashtag suggestions.

The goal is to get relevant and trending hashtags that can help increase your video’s visibility.

Where To Put Hashtags on YouTube?

When you have your video that you want to upload to YouTube, there are two main places where to put hashtags. You can put the hashtags in the video’s description. Here, write your video’s description, then add the hashtags at the bottom of the video’s description. After uploading, the three hashtags you add will be displayed above the video’s title.

Alternatively, add the hashtag in the video’s title. The video’s title will contain the clickable hashtag. Here’s an example, “Best #SEO Tips in 2023.”


YouTube allows creators to use hashtags to add visibility to their videos. You can put the hashtags in the video’s description or within the video’s title. We’ve covered everything about YouTube hashtags.

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