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What Is a Rising Star on Facebook?

What Is A Rising Star On Facebook

Scrolling through Facebook and discovering things you haven’t noticed before?

You have probably seen badges on Facebook.

They appear next to the person’s name, but everybody doesn’t have these badges.

One example is a Rising Star badge.

Do you want to know what it even means? Then you are in the right place.

Quick Answer

A rising star on Facebook is a badge given to those new group members (less than a month old) shining in the group with their content. Facebook honors this title to only those who have recently joined the group and shown immense potential. They have actively participated in the group, and their posts and comments are getting more attention and reactions from group members.

To learn more about Facebook badges and their significance, keep reading!

The Curious Case of Facebook Badges

Since evolution, living in groups and forming communities has been a human instinct.

Since the early days, humans have formed communities – to socialize, find comfort, access food, and survive.

Now in this advanced stage of human life, we still look for ways to find ones that resonate with us and our beliefs to find comfort and form relationships.

Social Media has also capitalized on such human instinct. Facebook gave us social spaces like Groups to round all those people we have in common or who share similar interests.

Facebook groups have played a significant role in building communities of people with similar life situations, views, backgrounds, and interests.

The one who creates the group or runs any group on Facebook automatically becomes the leader of that group. Facebook assigns this designation to that person.

Facebook badges help other members, especially new ones, understand who leads the group, who is the expert, who runs it, who is more conversationalist, and other attributes of prominent members.

Likewise, Facebook has also launched these Facebook group badges to enable the admin to acknowledge the efforts of all the active members.

Facebook Badges

Badges on Facebook are icons next to a user’s profile name on a particular group or page. These help others identify a person’s involvement on the group, page, or channel. 

When you earn any badge, it will be displayed on your group posts, comments, and profile for the group until you disallow it. These badges will also appear on the member’s tab on the group page.

Top Fan Badge

The top Fan Badge is available only for Facebook pages. Anyone who has interacted most on your page – liked, commented, or shared your content the most automatically gets awarded this badge. The page admin can turn on/off top fan badges for their page.  

Badges For Facebook Groups

There are various badges that Facebook offers for Facebook group members. These badges appear next to the members’ names on their group profiles.

The group moderator can include or exclude any badge category from their group. They must go to the Group Settings and turn the toggle on/off next to any badge.

There are ten badges available for Facebook Groups:

  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • Group Expert
  • New Member
  • Rising Star
  • Visual Storyteller
  • Conversation Starter
  • Founding Member
  • Valued Responder
  • Group Ambassador

What Is a Rising Star Badge on Facebook?

As you know, the rising star is a badge on Facebook groups. Facebook awards rising star badges to all those new ones who Facebook thinks have created some buzz or have been active and popular.

These new peeps can become valuable members of the group, so to appreciate them and their efforts, Facebook grants them this honor.

Rising Star Badge On Facebook

These newbies are grabbing a lot of attention and compelling others to give overwhelming reactions to their posts or comments. But what qualifies you to earn a rising star badge?

  • You must be a new group member (less than a month old).
  • Your posts and comments should have better reactions than other new members’ likes, loves, comments, and other reactions.
  • The group’s moderator needs to enable the rising star badge for their group.

In all these scenarios, your content matters. People will engage with your content if you constantly share exciting and engaging content.

Similarly, if you are active in the group and engage with other members in their posts, others will also take an interest in your content.


Whatever badge you earn in one group will not be transferrable to another. These badges are exclusive to the groups.

The Bottom line

Facebook honors group members for contributing to a particular group by granting those badges of different natures.

These badges help new users to understand the entire group’s dynamics. One such badge is a rising star badge.

This badge is honored to all those group members who are new to the group and significantly grabbed the attention of other users.

These new members have earned such a badge because of good engagement in their posts and comments.

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