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How To Make Tables on Reddit?

How To Make Tables On Reddit

Reddit members post lots of content on the platform. In equal measures, many people read posts posted on the forum. That’s why it’s critical to create readable posts whenever you intend to post them on Reddit.

Tables make Reddit posts readable. So, how does one insert tables when creating Reddit posts?

Quick Answer

Generally, there are three options to create a table on Reddit. You can use the markdown syntax, Fancy Pants Editor, or online Table editors like Truben. The easiest way is to use the Fancy Pants Editor on the web version. However, if you cannot or don’t want to use the web version, we recommend using Turben for large tables and the markdown syntax for small tables.

The article will discuss in detail how to create tables in three ways on Reddit. Let’s get started.   

Creating Tables on Reddit

Tables make Reddit posts more readable. Thankfully, tables are easy to use on Reddit. Let’s look at the different ways to achieve this. 

Method #1: Making Tables With Markdown Syntax

Follow these steps to make a table using the markdown syntax on Reddit’s mobile app:

  1. Open the Reddit app on your mobile device.
  2. Click the plus symbol at the bottom.
  3. Tap on the “Text” at the bottom.
  4. Create the header for your table by entering the columns and separating them by pipes (“|”).
  5. Enter the alignment option for columns to the next row and separate them by pipes (“|”).
    • :- for left alignment.
    • :-: for center alignment.
    • -: for right alignment.
  6. Enter data into your table by typing the cell texts and separating those by pipes (“|”).
  7. Submit your post.

Example of Table Markdown Syntax

First column | Second column | Third Column
:- | :-: | -:
Left | Center | Right

It’s as simple as that. With these steps, you’ll have your table on Reddit. Once you’ve created your table, share it with other users.

Method #2: Creating Tables Using the Fancy Pants Editor

This method is the easiest for creating tables on Reddit. Unfortunately, you can only use it in the web app.

Follow these steps to create a table on Reddit with the Fancy Pants Editor:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to Reddit. 
  2. Click the “Create Post” button on the left.
  3. Create and type the title of your post. 
  4. If the Markdown Editor is open, click on the “Switch to Fancy Pants Editor” button.
  5. Click it on the table icon on the toolbar.
  6. Tap the three dots on the first cell and pick the number of rows and columns you wish to have on your table.  
  7. Fill in your data on your table. 
  8. Click on “Post” after filling in your data to share the post.

You can change the alignment of each column by tapping the three dots inside any cell of the column.

Method #3: Paste a Table on Reddit

If you find it hard to make a table using Reddit’s table generator, use a third-party tool and copy the table to Reddit. Create it on the online table editor, and paste it to Reddit.

Here is how to create your Reddit table using a Truben online table editor:

  1. Navigate to Truben on your favorite browser.
  2. Choose the size of the table at the top.
  3. Fill the table with data.
  4. Select the “Markdown” tab at the bottom. 
  5. Copy the markdown table. 
  6. Go back to Reddit and create a new post
  7. Add your title. 
  8. Switch to Markdown Mode. 
  9. Paste the table on the Reddit editor. 
  10. Tap “Post” to share it on Reddit.

Your post will exhibit the table you customized on Truben.


You can also import a table of different formats (for example, CSV) to Truben. You can create the table on Excel or Google Sheets, upload it to Truben, and copy it to Reddit.

A Wind Up 

And there you go. The steps above let you create tables on Reddit. It’s easy as detailed in the steps above.

You can make your table using both the Markdown Mode and Fancy Pants Editors. You can also use table editing tools available online. Create your table, format it, and paste your table on Reddit

Don’t make any excuses. Use tables if they will make your post more readable to other Redditors.

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