What Is a Telegram Code?

What Is A Telegram Code

One feature you will love about Telegram is its different security measures to help secure accounts. With Telegram, you can sign in on multiple devices, and your data will sync in real-time.

Before you can sign in, Telegram must authenticate you to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. If you are using Telegram and are unsure what a Telegram code means or how you can use it, this post will guide you.

Quick Answer

You must authenticate yourself when you want to access Telegram on other devices. Telegram employs different security measures, such as the Telegram code. It is a five-digit code that Telegram sends to the number connected to your Telegram account. You can enter the code when accessing Telegram on your desktop or signing in to your mobile application. The Telegram code is an alternative to using the QR code to sign in on Telegram.

We will discuss a Telegram code and how to use it to sign in to it. Still, we will see other ways you can use to sign to Telegram as alternatives for using the Telegram code.

What Is a Telegram Code?

When you want to sign in to your Telegram account, you must be authenticated before Telegram allows you access to the account. Telegram doesn’t rely on a username and password to authenticate users, unlike other platforms.

Instead, it uses a QR Code if signing in from the browser or the Telegram desktop. Still, it uses a Telegram code to authenticate users across all platforms. A Telegram code is a five-digit code that Telegram sends its users when it wants to authenticate them.

When you try to log in to Telegram on a mobile device, Telegram must send the authentication code by SMS to the phone number used to register for a Telegram account. Once you enter the code and it matches the one required, only then will Telegram allow you access to your account.

Still, if you are trying to access Telegram on a browser or desktop application, you can get authenticated using the QR code you must scan using your Telegram app on your phone. Alternatively, you can use the Telegram code to enter it on the login page and be authenticated.


Telegram code is sensitive and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Hackers can try to trick you into sending them the code that is sent to your phone. If you fall to this trick, you will have given the hacker access to your Telegram account.

How To Log in Using a Telegram Code

You can log in using the Telegram code on your mobile or desktop.

On Mobile

  1. Open your Telegram application on the phone where you want to log in.Open Telegram App
  2. Tap the “Start Messaging option.Tap The Start Messaging Option
  3. Select your country.Select Your Country.
  4. Enter your phone number.Add The Phone Number
  5. Once Telegram sends you a verification code, enter it in the login window.Enter The Verification Code

That’s it.

On Desktop

  1. Open the Telegram desktop application.Open Telegram Desktop Application
  2. Tap the “Start Messaging option.Click On Start Messaging
  3. Use the option for login with a phone number.Or Log In Using Your Phone Number
  4. Enter the number linked to your Telegram account.Enter Your Phone Number
  5. Once you receive the Telegram code on your phone, enter it on the login page of the desktop application.Enter The Verification Code

We’ve seen how to use the Telegram authorization code to sign in to your account.

Other Ways To Sign In to Telegram

We’ve seen how to use the Telegram code to sign in. You can also sign in using the QR code on the desktop or the Telegram browser. Let’s see how to use it to sign in on the Telegram browser.

  1. Open your browser and access the Telegram web.Go To Telegram Web
  2. Open Telegram app on your phone.Open Telegram App
  3. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top left.Click On Hamburger Icon In Top Left Corner
  4. Tap on the “Settings” option.Select Settings
  5. Select “Devices“.Click On The Devices Option
  6. Tap the “Link Desktop Device option.Click On Link Desktop Device
  7. Once the scanner opens, go back to the browser and scan the QR code.Scan The Qr Code

Telegram will authenticate you and log you in.


A Telegram code is a five-digit number that Telegram sends when you want to log in to your account. The verification code acts as a way to authenticate you instead of using the username and password login details.

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