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What His Instagram Says About Him

What His Instagram Says About Him

How well do you know the guy you are about to go out on a date with?

75% of women check out their potential date’s social media accounts before going out on a date with them.

It’s a lot like soft stalking, and we can’t blame you if you are contemplating doing it.

So, what exactly does his Instagram tell about him?

Quick Answer

A person’s Instagram account is the “window to his or her soul.” So, if you found a potential date and want to know him more than the perfect face and abs on his profile photo, his IG account can help. Here, you can analyze what he does, how he does it, and what he doesn’t do without the awkwardness of asking endless questions when trying to get to know him better. Instagram will give you invaluable information to decide whether to follow through with the date or run.

In today’s Internet age, you will likely find a date online. Finding a potential boyfriend on the internet has become so convenient that all you have to do is swipe left until you find a guy you like, and you can finally swipe right.

The next natural thing to do is exchange social media handles to ensure you stay in contact.

Before you commit to a relationship or even agree to meet a guy for the first time, you will find yourself trying to figure out what kind of person he could be.

And that’s ok. Unfortunately, his dating profile may not tell you much about his personality since the information entered there is limited and written to make you like him.

With his Instagram account accessible to you, you must make the best of it.

Here are 11 things you can find on a guy’s Instagram account to help you understand his personality before making your next big decision to either stay or run.

You Share Common Friends

If you met this guy online, you know there is a real risk of being catfished.

Finding some common friends on his Instagram account can be a sigh of relief because it will give you some hope that the person is, at the least, “normal.”

But sharing common friends is no guarantee that he is a good guy. But it will give you a reason to hang on a bit longer and find out more about him.

His Posts and Comments on IG

Now that he openly shared his Instagram handle, at least you don’t need to feel guilty about Insta-stalking him.

It’s easy for you to see his posts and comments on Instagram and tell what kind of person he is. Is he kind and supportive of their friends? If he is, then he’s probably a good guy.

Check if you can pick some intolerable behaviors, such as retweeting racial posts and pictures. Maybe you should rethink that date if you notice something in that direction.

He Is Always Posting His Selfies

What kind of photos does he upload on his Instagram page?

If all you see is an endless string of selfies on his feed, run. This guy has low self-esteem and is only looking for validation online.

A more exciting guy would upload interesting pictures of himself and his friends and the activities he is usually involved in, like watching, traveling, or anything else of substance.

He Likes To Show Off His Relationships

It’s always sweet if the guy you are dating is willing to show you off to his friends.

But it could also be a sign of insecurity if he is overdoing it or captioning such posts with territorial remarks. Could he be using you to get back on an ex?

Find out before making your next big decision.

He Reacts and Posts Pictures of Naked Models

It’s one thing to know that a guy you like is not gay, but to have him flood his account with pictures of naked models should raise your eyebrow.

If he has to look at such images, it would be better to do it privately. Following and reacting to photos of naked models could be a message that his options are open.

If you are considering dating this particular guy, ask yourself whether this behavior would hurt you. For most women, it would unless the models are in line with the guy’s source of income.

Find out if he is serious about getting into a committed relationship anyway and if he’s capable of respecting it.

You Will Not Find a Single Picture of Women on His Feed

If going through this guy’s feed feels like he has never had any interactions with women, that’s highly unlikely. Unless he is gay, he is just not into online PDA.

But that does not make him a bad person. It only means that you need to be aware of it and either readjust your expectations or rethink starting that relationship if online PDA is something you value.

He Keeps Tabs on the Next Exciting Thing in Town

Dating an outgoing guy can be a lot of fun.

But if going through his feed makes you wonder if there is anything grounded about him, you need to pause and examine things first.

He may not have any limits when it comes to taking risks. If this guy is always out partying and traveling, he may not be ready to give that up for any kind of commitment.

He Is Insta-Stalking His Ex

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a guy remaining friends with an ex on social media if they have both fully healed and moved on.

But if he is stalking her, always reacting to her posts, or constantly following and unfollowing her, they could be having some unresolved issues.

You should probably move on and save yourself from potential heartache.

He Is Too Concerned About His Follower-to-Following Ratio

It’s ok if a guy worries that his rate of unfollowing has suddenly gone up. But if that becomes a huge deal to the point that it now feels compulsive, you need to worry. Unless this has to do with his income, of course.

If he gets all emotional over something as small as social media following, he will not be able to deal with real-life issues. And that includes challenges in your relationship.

He Is Constantly Posting on Instagram

Being on Instagram is fun, but it’s nothing compared to living real life. If he spends all his time on Instagram posting every little detail of his life, more than likely, he is super insecure.

Posting his “perfect” life on Instagram gives him control since he can dictate what his followers think about him. A man who believes in himself wouldn’t care.

He Is Just a Guy Living His Life

No drama, no shows. This guy will be on Instagram from time to time, make meaningful engagements with friends and family, and upload a new picture sometimes.

You don’t see anything to suggest that he’s hiding something. He probably isn’t, and you can stake your relationship bet on him.

Wrapping It Up

Meeting a guy with whom your chemistry feels right is every girl’s dream. But that’s just the easy part.

Once you start following each other on Instagram, it can make you feel a little too exposed.

How much is he about to find about you? Will he like what he sees or find a reason to run and even block you on the app?

Before you overthink things, you must realize that having access to the guy’s Instagram account gives you the same leverage.

You now have the opportunity to Insta-stalk your potential date and get to know him better without throwing endless questions to his face.

Knowing your potential date’s personality in advance means you can save yourself from drama and the dreaded heartbreak.

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