What Happened to Yui Bot on Discord?

What Happened To Yui Bot On Discord

Discord allows users to link their accounts to bots to customize their user experience and perform different activities.

Yui was one of the bots popular with anime fans on the platform. Fans used it for various purposes, including searching for anime, finding artists and music, posting images on servers, and many more.

Unfortunately, this bot was shut down in mid-2022. But why?

Quick Answer

It’s unclear why the Yui bot shut down, but users suspect the massive demand for the bot overwhelmed the developer. Yui’s popularity grew steadily over the years, meaning the developer had to dedicate time to maintaining it and updating features. Unfortunately, he couldn’t meet the demands forcing him to shut it down.

There’s also suspicion that the Yui bot was a victim of Discord’s slash commands enforcement. If you’re unfamiliar with slash commands, they are Discord’s new rules about creating and interacting with bots on the app. Discord wants all bots to adhere to the slash commands to make the bot experience more cohesive and straightforward.

Read to the end to learn more about why bots shut down and Yui bot alternatives you can try.

Overview of Yui Bot

Yui bot was a fan anime-based bot. It provided many commands to perform activities like Moderation, Automation, Search, and Permissions.

Besides having administrative functions, Yui also had fun features for tasks like Utilities, Searching Skills, Reacting, and Image posting.

Yui bot was especially popular with admin, moderators, and anime fans. It came in handy for moderators as it helped automate several server functions like deleting messages, inviting and banning members, and general administration of the server.

Yui bot also gained massive popularity with anime fans globally due to its anime search features. The bot had over 1 million users in Japan alone.

Why Did Yui Bot Shut Down?

Despite this popularity, Yui still shut down under unclear circumstances. As noted in the introduction, the prevailing rumor is the developer needed help meeting the demands of maintaining the bot with the growing user population.

Another reason Yui could have shut down is Discord’s push to incorporate slash commands in bots. Slash commands refer to typing the slash symbol (/) to display the list of bots linked to your account.

Generally, Discord hopes to use slash commands to simplify the use of bots on the app.

When you use these commands, you can see all the specific bots commands in your account and don’t have to go through several errors to get them right.

Discord has communicated to developers to incorporate slash commands in their bots’ systems. Yui could have shut down because it doesn’t have this feature, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Unfortunately, Discord bots shutting down is a common occurrence. In most cases, Discord bots shut down because of infringement of intellectual property rights.

An excellent example of bots that recently shut down for this reason are music bots.

YouTube issued a warning that led to their discontinuation because the bots were sourcing their music directly from YouTube. While this isn’t the case for Yui, we may be unaware of violations.

Next, we’ll cover a few Yui bot alternatives you can check out.

Best Yui Bot Alternatives

If you’re a Yui bot fan looking for alternatives, there are a few bots you can check out. These include:

Mudae Discord Bot

This bot is ideal for anime lovers looking to replicate the Yui bot experience. It has a vast collection of anime characters from Anime series, video games, and Mangas.

Mudae provides a fan experience and even lets users create a character card collection on the server the bot is linked to. Besides anime characters, Mudae has other features for posting images, GIFs, and animation quotes.

ZeroTwo Bot

ZeroTwo bot is an excellent choice for users looking for an administrative and customization bot.

It has several administrative and design features you can use to moderate a server and make custom cards for members.


It’s not clear why the Yui bot shut down, but the rumor is the developer couldn’t meet the demands of maintaining the bot.

Yui’s user population had grown exponentially over the years, meaning the creator needed time and significant resources to ensure the bot worked well.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. There’s also a chance the bot shut down because Discord pushed for incorporating slash commands in bots.

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