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What Does “YK” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Yk&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Even though social media is developing rapidly, Snapchat is still one of the most favorable mobile apps, with thousands of users around the globe.

Indeed, Snapchat’s biggest plus is its ability to connect people in a simple, direct way, thanks to its focus on messages and other online interactions.

Also, Snapchat is famous for being the origin of various Internet slang. If you’re wondering what “YK” means on Snapchat, this article is what you’re looking for.

Quick Answer

On Snapchat, “YK” is the acronym for “You Know?” or “You’re Kidding,” depending on the context of the conversations.

In the following sections, let’s figure out the definition of “YK” and ensure you know how to use “YK” on Snapchat conversations like a Snapchat professional. Now, it’s time to start diving into this post!

What Does “YK” Mean on Snapchat?

If you’ve been active on multiple social media platforms, especially Snapchat, you probably know that most Internet abbreviations come from this mobile app.

These words make your conversations on Snapchat to the point and play a role as specific texting codes with your friends in the digital world.

In this post, we’d love to introduce a popularly used abbreviation on Snapchat – “YK.” In fact, “YK” has several meanings, and we can use this word in different situations.

The first meaning of “YK” is “You Know?”. It is typically placed at the end of a sentence to ask a question or request confirmation from the listener that something is correct.

In other words, a sentence with “YK” as “You Know” at the end works exactly like a tag question.

Meaning Of “Yk” Is “You Know”

Besides “You Know?”, “YK” is also known as “You’re Kidding!” on Snapchat. Instead of being a component of a question, “You’re Kidding!” is an affirmative sentence that refuses another statement. In most cases, this abbreviation shows the speaker’s surprise when they are too stunned to say anything.

Yk” Is Also Known As “You’re Kidding!

Examples of “YK” on Snapchat Conversations

In this section, let’s take a look at some examples showing how “YK” is used on Snapchat:

  • A:” Harry is planning to celebrate his wedding next month, YK?”
  • B: “YK!?”

The upper “YK” is “You Know”; it notifies the listener of an upcoming event, while the lower “YK” means “You’re Kidding,” describing that they are surprised about the news.

  • A: “Helen asks me to pick her up. I’m a bit busy, but I cannot refuse, YK?”
  • B: “Yeah, I know. You have no choice; she is your girlfriend!”

In this situation, the listener already knows why the speaker needs to give Helen a ride. Hence, the speaker uses “YK” as “You Know” as another way to state that “Helen is my girlfriend, so I need to take care of her although I’m not free.”

Synonym of “YK”

There are several ways to say “You Know” and “You’re Kidding” without using the exact words.

Besides “You Know,” you can say “right?”, “understand?” or “see?” when asking a question or requesting confirmation from the listener.

For example: “Tim is going to have a vacation next week, you know?” = “Tim is going to be on his holiday next week, right?”

In case you want to affirm something or express surprise for an event that you have another perspective of view, “Jeepers!” or “No way!” can be a decent option besides “You’re Kidding!”.

Also, you can say, “Seriously?”, “Really?”, “You don’t say!”, “What a surprise!” or “You gotta kidding me!” as a replacement for “YK” on Snapchat.

For instance, you can text “No way! Sarah said she would come to my birthday party!” instead of “YK! Sarah said that she would appear at my birthday party!”


To conclude, you can use “YK” to replace “You Know?” (which is generally placed at the end of the sentence and makes that sentence become an interrogative question) or “You’re Kidding!” (a statement) on Snapchat.

We hope this article has explained “YK” and helps you use this abbreviation correctly.

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