What Does “WSP” Mean on Discord?

What Does &Quot;Wsp&Quot; Mean On Discord

There are two kinds of people in the world, one who loves to simplify language by using weird internet abbreviations and slang, while others despise those who do it.

Regardless of your hate, internet slang and acronyms make their way. They even slowly slip into common conversations and become part of classic and modern dictionaries.

Anyhoo, the one we are discussing today is very much the creation of social media (like every other) and goes something like “WSP.”

So, if you have seen it while chatting on Discord and want answers to reply to this complex acronym, then we have got it for you!

Quick Answer

“WSP” stands for “what’s up?” Whether used on Discord, Facebook, Snapchat, or elsewhere. It is used in causal conversations with friends to determine how the other person is doing or what they are up to.

The social media world sometimes gets a little bewildering when someone uses acronyms or slang we have never seen. If you find people using “WSP” on Discord, you do not have to worry, as we are helping you to figure out more about this acronym. So, keep reading!

Decoding “WSP”

Messaging and Internet acronyms have been created to be used in text messages or chatting platforms.

The idea behind their creation is to prevent the waste of time by shortening the long words that convey the gist of what you want to ask without wasting your energy on writing longer texts. 

Truthfully, the idea of saving time does not go well with texting or chatting on social media, as they capitalize on people who waste their time on them.

Still, if you want to save time while wasting your time on social media, then you can use these acronyms (I hope you get the gist!).

Now, as you know, we love to help our readers to navigate their ways on social media. So, we decided to help you with this acronym that goes something like — “WSP”, “wsp,” or “Wsp, or whatever, it all means the same.

If you have seen “WSP” on any text channel on Discord or perhaps private messages, then do not scratch your head in confusion. This one is pretty simple to decode.

WSP stands for “What’s up?”

Now, let’s come to its uses.

How To Use “WSP” on Discord?

People use “WSP” when they want to start a conversation. So, it is pretty much an icebreaker in casual conversation.

It is particularly helpful if you want to begin the conversation with someone you did not talk to for quite some while, like a long-lost friend. So, for reconnection, “WSP” can come in handy.


Use “WSP” in casual conversations. Avoid using it with your teachers, parents, or bosses (if you are that gullible). They will hate it!

Some people like to use “WSP,” followed by another question. So, you can say “WSP” can serve as a greeting as well.

For example:

  • “WSP? How’re you doing this morning?”
  • “WSP? Long time no see?”

See, the idea here is to use it instead of a simple “hi” or replace it.

Similarly, sometimes people want to enquire about the availability of their friends to hang out with, so they may use “WSP” to do that.

Like, you can say:

  • “WSP? Are you free tomorrow?”
  • “WSP? Free to play game?”

Here, “WSP” is to check out your friend to see if they can hang out with you, perhaps to play games on Discord.

How To Reply to “WSP” on Discord?

Now, the reply of “WSP” will depend on you as really there is no right or wrong way to answer this absurd question.

You can tell the other person what you are literally doing at the moment.

Similarly, if your friend intends to know whether you are free to hang out, you can say something like, “Nothing much, just trying to find a good series on Netflix.”

Also, if someone intends to reconnect with you after so long, your reply can be more detailed, like what you are doing these days, any new projects you got your hands on, etc.

If you have a very playful relationship with the sender, you can joke around and say something sarcastic.

Alternative Meanings of “WSP”

These are some alternative meanings of WSP:

Sum Up

Love it or hate it, internet acronyms are here to stay, so it is better to be equipped with them to prevent embarrassment.

We discussed the meaning of ‘WSP”, which literally means “what’s up?”

You can use it on multiple occasions in casual conversations, whether as an ice breaker, conversation starter, or to check on what your friend is doing or available to hang out.

Use it however you like and answer it in whatever way you want, as there are no rules. 

So, have fun twisting and turning language as you like with your friends!

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