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What Does “Wht” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Wht&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun platform for anyone who enjoys visual and audio-visual content. You will enjoy it more if you follow people you love and admire. Most things about it can be addictive, especially the filters and the ‘new communication’ style.

Do you know what ‘wht’ means on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

Wht‘ is the short form for ‘what‘ on Snapchat. Yes, I know you are surprised why someone could omit one letter in a word to create an abbreviation. What here could mean a lot of things depending on its usage. No hidden meanings can make you misunderstand a question or statement where the abbreviation has been used.

The article covers more about the abbreviation ‘wht’ and how to use it on Snapchat. You will learn some of its relevant replies and instances to use. Also, check out a few alternative meanings of this slang you might encounter on Snapchat.

What Is “Wht” on Snapchat?

Wht‘ is an abbreviation for ‘what,’ which can be used as a pronoun, determiner, or adverb. When someone sends you a Snapchat message with this acronym, it could be in the form of a statement or question because of the variations in use.

The sender can use it on its own or accompany it with other words. It can be like a question or exclamation when used on its own. Both can express surprise.

Here is another easy one to guess. If you are English-literate, you should be quick to get the long-form of ‘wht’ because of how it is written and pronounced. You will notice that the only vowel was omitted to create the short form.

How Is “Wht” Used on Snapchat?

You can use ‘wht’ as you would in verbal or written form. The applications are the same. When someone sends you this acronym on Snapchat, they want you to specify some information about something you have been discussing.

Or, they could be mentioning a thing or things. Here, the abbreviation is used to specify something. Sometimes, Snapchat users can text with the short form to mean the entire amount. In this case, they use it in place of the word ‘whatever.’

You can use ‘wht’ as an adverb to mean ‘to what extent.’ For instance, someone can say, ‘wht does it matter?’

The last way you can use it is when indicating an approximation or estimate, for instance, ‘wht about six?


Texting using acronyms might be trendy at the moment and a way to save time. If communicating formally on Snapchat, stick to ‘what’ and avoid using the abbreviation ‘wht.’ You can use the short form within your casual circles.

When To Use “Wht” on Snapchat?

You can agree that ‘wht’ has so many uses at this point. But, I will mention a few typical instances you can be in and would use the abbreviation on Snapchat:

  • When you have a relevant question to ask or want the recipient to specify something.
  • If someone on Snapchat sends you a voice text and you don’t hear or understand some sections or the whole of it – you can use it to mean ‘please repeat.’
  • When you want to ask an empathetic question, and you want to use a phrase like ‘wht on earth’ to show surprise or shock, here, the stress is on the word ‘earth.’
  • If you want to refer to other things instead of listing all of them.
  • In exclamations to show a strong opinion or feeling.

How To Reply to “Wht” on Snapchat

Depending on your mood, the sender, and other factors, you can reply or ignore content with ‘WHT.’ You can respond with relevant answers if the acronym is used as a question and needs you to specify some information.

Snapchat has options to reply using snaps, voice messages, stickers, and Bitmojis. You want to be relevant with your replies to avoid offending the other party.

Other Meanings of “WHT”

‘WHT’ can be the short form for:

  • Withholding tax
  • White horse theatre
  • Wandering hand trouble
  • Wireless handheld terminal

Though, more long forms exist on the internet.


Some simple acronyms like ‘wht’ are easy to use on Snapchat. You don’t need special scenarios to apply it. Anytime you are typing ‘what,’ you can omit the vowel and go fancy like other buddies on the platform. 

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