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What Does “STR” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Str&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is Gen-Z’s favorite App for interacting with people. These, along with many millennials, love to use slang for accessible communication.

Knowing the slang is necessary if you want to go along with modern-day Chat. One of them is ‘STR.’ So, what does ‘STR’ mean on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

STR‘ means ‘send to receive.’ On Snapchat, It generally happens with the first interaction with someone. You ask the person to send a picture/video, and you will do the same in return.

Sometimes the meaning of ‘STR’ can vary with the context. Therefore, this Article will address every intent of ‘STR’ on Snapchat.

What Is “STR” on Snapchat?

STR” on Snapchat usually means ‘send to receive.’ ‘STR’ is an excellent way to cut a long story short. It is used when two people want to exchange pictures, videos, or even some witty sarcasm.

But none of them agrees to go first. Then you can use the ‘STR’ in Snapchat to encourage others to share something first. Also, you assure the other person that you will do the same afterward.

There could be many reasons one could use ‘STR’ in a chat. The biggest is the privacy concern. On Snapchat, you never know whom you’re talking to; therefore, ‘STR’ could be used to see the person.

Similarly, ‘STR’ could be used to break the ice, like confessing something to your crush.

Additionally, ‘STR’ is never meant to be used rudely. Instead, you encourage other people to take the incentive.

Examples of “STR” in Snapchat Messages

Example #1

Emilia: “Hey, we have been chatting a lot lately, but I’ve never seen you? Can I get a photo of you?”

John: “Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same. STR?”

Interpretation: John is asking Emilia if he sends his picture, will he get hers.

Example #2

Lisa: “Hey Pete, I saw you on campus today. I wanted to talk about something, but was hesitant, as you were with your friends. It’s a confession.”

Pete: “Hey, Lisa. I’ve seen you too, but you were out of sight when I got free. I also have something to talk about.”

Lisa: “STR?”

Pete: “Yeah, sure.”

Interpretation: Lisa asks John if when she shares her feelings, will John do the same? John Agrees to it.

Example #3: Snapchat Group Messages

Ben: “Send a picture of him doing something.”

Alex: “I am going to smash that boy with sarcasm.”

John: “Same.”

Ben: “STR, something good in return.”

Interpretation: Ben is telling Alex and John to send their sarcasm to get similar comments in return.

Other Meanings of “STR”

With slang vocabulary increasing daily, there could be more than one meaning for any acronym. The same is the case with ‘STR.’ Here are some other associated STR meanings on Snapchat.

Short-Term Relationships

People often use ‘STR’ on Snapchat to clear their aims for the relationship. But this thing could vary with a person’s age:

  • If a person in their early 20s uses ‘STR’ on Snapchat, it usually means they only want the fun part of the relationship.
  • While for a middle-aged person, ‘STR’ on Snapchat means no commitments and no future promises.

Regardless of the context, ‘STR’ means ‘short-term relationship.’


Anna: “I am not seeing anything for the future; I only want the fun.”

George: “Okay, but I am not interested in an STR.”

Interpretation: Chad George is not interested in a short-term relationship; therefore, he is not accepting Anna’s offer.

Spot the Reference

If one of your friends on Snapchat sends a message, ‘We were on a break,’ followed by ‘STR,’ don’t send them your picture.

Instead, they are asking you to spot the Friends reference. Well, if your close friends say ‘STR,’ it will mean ‘spot the reference.’

Skip to Relevance

This meaning for ‘STR’ is not as common as others, but still, people use it. It means ‘don’t beat the bush, and come to the point.’

Remember that it could be a very blunt request, sometimes rude, to use ‘STR’ as ‘skip to relevance.’

Final Thoughts

‘STR’ is quite a broad term that could be used for multiple purposes. When encoding it, make sure to take the context into account.

Also, if you want to be a Snapchat pro, only subtly add ‘STR’ in your Chat. Using this word too much can make you look like a ‘trying too hard’ person.

Therefore, always use it nicely without offending anyone.

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