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What Does “Sheesh” Mean on TikTok?

What Does &Quot;Sheesh&Quot; Mean On Tiktok

TikTok is a house of entertainers that serves us with exciting and mind-blowing content. Sometimes we learn fantastic slang that the young generation (Gen-Z) sometimes use to confuse the oldies.

For example, “buzzing,” “no cap,” and the famous “sheesh.” So, what does “Sheesh” mean on TikTok?

Quick Answer

“Sheesh” is already a real word in the dictionary. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it expresses disappointment, annoyance, or surprise. However, on TikTok, “sheesh” means expressing disbelief or being amazed by something unique or entertaining.

If you are a constant TikTok user, there is no doubt that you may have come across the popular TikTok trend “sheesh,” with an astonishing amount of almost 10 billion views.

You may have also come across tons of comments with that slang. There is also a possibility that you have heard Kermit the Frog say it multiple times.

In this article, I will talk about the “Sheesh” slang.

The Difference Between “Sheesh” and “Sheeeeeshhhh”

Sometimes, the “Sheesh” word is pronounced with a “Z” towards the end, which goes like “Sheeeeeeezzee,” while sometimes it goes like “Sheeeeeeeeee.”

Yeah, you have heard it over TikTok, reels, clips, and so on, but have you always wondered what the difference between the two words is? 

Of course, the apparent difference – one is short, and the other is pronounced longer. They also mean different things on different occasions. 

Pronouncing “Sheesh,” as quick and blunt, almost plain, means people are annoyed about something, for example, “You could have just asked me before taking it, sheesh!”.

When used in a high pitch tone, it describes hype or being impressed by something, for example, “Bro, did you catch up on Cole’s new song, SHEESH! It is lit!.”

A person going all “Sheeeeeeshhhh” about something shows they are super excited; you don’t expect a friend to call you about an accident, and then you go all “Sheeeeeshhhh.” It would just be plain weird and mean.

The TikTok meaning of “Sheesh” is similar to that of the dictionary, except it is mainly used to express disbelief or surprise.

It is a funny and heart-captivating sound that has topped trends on the TikTok chart. Many creators have made videos doing something cool and impressive while the audio plays in the background.

Also, sometimes, the older generation uses the “Sheesh” slang as a parody to mock Gen Z. They are jealous of how incredible Gen Z is.

Examples of Contents Where the “Sheesh” Is Used

@meetjulio was the first person to initiate the Sheesh challenge, where we could hear a group of people yelling out “Sheesh” in unison to a slimy frog.

Example #1: Show Off the Outfits

@BashTheEntertainer shows off in fine-ass outfits with his niece while the heavenly Sheeeeesh sound made by @veryveryvinny plays in the background. Watching this video, you can feel the Sheesh flow through your veins. SHEESH!

Caption: “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh !! My niece is a G.”

Response: “Get you an uncle who can hype you up the Sheesh way.”

Example #2: The Dance Moves

@sheafreak4jb shows off his impressive dance moves while vibing to the Surfaces Sheesh sound by @Sharan

A comment by @FiddyTheAlien: “Sheeeesh! The vest is sheesh, dance moves are sheeeeessssssshhhhhh.”

Response: “I just freaking found out that the Sheesh happens to be a dance too. Sheesh!”

Example #3: The Silhouette Challenge

A sheesh-worthy moment captured by @trotterandpattel got me on my knees; man killed the Silhouette Challenge. 

A comment: “I wish my X-rays were that hot. Sheesh brother. Sheesh indeed!”

Example #4: A Comfortable Moment

@HoodieJames shows us something we are all familiar with, a sheesh-worthy moment we experience at least twice in two weeks.

Caption: “When you use a Q-Tip after a shower.”

Response: “I bet y’all know how heavenly it feels. Sheesh!”

Example #5: A Pleasure

@HoodieJames also blesses us with super relatable content, especially to the men out there. I feel it’s time we crown him the “Sheesh” king.

Caption: “When the barber cuts over the itchy spot on your head.”

Response: “I have experienced this before and it is the best feeling on the freaking planet!! Sheesh!!!”


Yeah, we have a lot of trending slang on the internet today, TikTok has become the center of Gen-Z life, but we must know what these slangs mean, where to use them, and the right time to do so.

You don’t yell different slang at people out there when it is not necessary; it makes that slang lose the meaning behind it and the fun.

Your best friend has a dazzling outfit on, “Sheesh.” You see a fantastic skateboard trick done by your friend, “Sheesh on, brother.” Please, do not shout “sheesh” on an unsettling occasion such as the Queen’s funeral!

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