What Does “Scam” Mean on Telegram?

What Does Scam Mean On Telegram

The world of social media is filled with different people with individual aims. Some genuine people utilize the platform for fun and to communicate with others. However, some have ill motives.

When using Telegram, you will encounter different terms used to refer to different people, and knowing what these terms mean gives you an added advantage to remaining safe on the platform.

Quick Answer

What does scam mean? When you find someone trying to “rip you off” by sending malicious links, fake deals, promotions, channels, impersonation, etc., that’s a scammer. A “scam” is the shorthand for a scammer and refers to someone who tries to rip others off on Telegram. If you encounter a scam on Telegram, don’t click on any link they share, and it’s best if you report them for Telegram to take action.

We will cover the definition of a scam on Telegram. Moreover, we will explain different ways scammers try to scam people on Telegram and conclude with the steps for reporting s scammer on Telegram.

What Does “Scam” Mean on Telegram?

Despite Telegram being a secure messaging platform, it doesn’t mean you can’t encounter people who try to hack or steal from you.

Telegram has all sorts of people, and you can easily encounter someone trying to trick you into doing a regrettable thing. Such a person is referred to as a scam or scammer.

Telegram is known for having many scammers, and its security features make it ideal for scammers to utilize the platform to try to rip off unkeen users.

When using Telegram, you can hear someone tag someone in a group as a scam. That means the tagged person is a scammer, and you should avoid interacting with them to avoid getting scammed too.

When you join a Telegram group, that increases your chances of encountering scammers sending your DMs with all sorts of tricks to see if you fall to the bait. We will see the different ways a scammer can reach you on Telegram.

How To Detect a Scammer on Telegram

Anyone on Telegram must have encountered some form of scamming.

These scams mainly target you when you join a Telegram group or when you are new to Telegram.

To help detect a scammer on Telegram, let’s discuss common scams you will find on Telegram.

1. Fake Channels and Groups

Many scammers try to utilize impersonation to target users.

A good example is when the scammer creates a Telegram channel or group that matches an original one hoping to trick people. This scam mainly targets crypto projects.

When you join such a channel, you will face different giveaways, prizes, and shared links.

The aim is to make you click on the link shared on the group or channels.

2. Malicious Links

Some scammers send you links in the name of giveaways and other promotions.

A message will accompany the link, convincing you to click on it.

3. Impersonfication

A scam artist goes the extra mile of pretending to be an admin of a given Telegram group.

They change their profile details to match the legitimate admin’s, including the username with a slight difference.

The scammer then DMs you with different tricks to scam you.

4. Customer Support

Some scammers pretend to be Telegram’s support team and reach out to users sharing links they should click to “fix” issues with your account.

If you encounter such, report the scammer and block them.

How To Report a Scam on Telegram

Telegram recommends that you report any scammer you encounter to help make the platform safe for all users.

When you encounter a scammer, open the Telegram support page and enter the details for the scam. Once you submit it, Telegram will investigate the case.

Alternatively, you can message @notoscam and add details about the scammer.

Telegram will review your case, closing the channel or group.


A scammer is anyone that tries to trick you using different ways.

On Telegram, a popular term used to imply a scammer is the “scam” term.

This post has explained the meaning of a scam on Telegram, how to detect it, and two ways to use to report the scam.

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