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What Does “/S” Mean on Reddit?

What Does S Mean In Reddit

Many social media platforms use numerous terms; if you are new, you may wonder what they mean or when you should use them.

A common term on social media platforms, especially Reddit, is “/s”.

If you have seen the term on Reddit and wondered why everyone keeps responding and adding it to their comments, read this guide to discover what it means.

Quick Answer

On Reddit, “/s” is used to refer to sarcasm. Many people use sarcasm to communicate, and when you are not near someone, it can be hard to know when he is sarcastic, especially on social media platforms. That is why you may notice many people adding the term to their comments.

It is understandable not to get updated with all the phrases and terms used on social media platforms. This guide has explained what “/s” means on Reddit and when you can use it.

What Does “/s” Mean on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the forums people engage in discussing given topics. When viewing comments written by others, you may come across “/s” added to people’s comments. The term is often used to mean sarcasm.

Sarcasm is an art used during communication, and it is hard to tell when a person is sarcastic, especially in written communication.

When you know someone, you can hear their voice and tone when they are sarcastic, but how can you say that comment is sarcastic on Reddit?

When Can You Use “/s” on Reddit?

If you have ever used Reddit, you understand the form of arguments experienced on the platform.

Many people on Reddit don’t know each other, meaning people take the comments they see seriously, and it can be hard to get a joke when you are not familiar with the person saying it.

When you don’t want misunderstandings and disagreements on the platform, adding “/s” to your comments is recommended to indicate you are being sarcastic. That way, someone will not take the comment seriously, resulting in unnecessary arguments.

The introduction of “/s” on Reddit has given direction to people reading the texts not to get the wrong ideas.


Reddit uses many terms, and it is normal not to know all of the terms.

If you have come across the “/s” term in people’s comments and wondered what they mean, don’t worry because this post has explained, what it means on Reddit, and when you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “/s” mean on Reddit?

Reddit introduced “/s” to mean sarcasm. When a person adds the notation to their comments, they indicate that you should not take their comments seriously.

Is it important to add “/s” to my Reddit comments?

That depends on the intention of your comment, but when you don’t want people to get the wrong idea about your comments, it is essential to add “/s” to avoid unnecessary arguments. Some people may not get a joke when you say it and may end up calling on you. You should indicate “/s” in your comments when you are being sarcastic to avoid such situations.

Why was “/s” introduced on Reddit?

The “/s” term got introduced to enable people to pass the correct messages. Something like sarcasm is an art; it is hard to tell when a person is being sarcastic, especially if you don’t know the person and are not in contact with them. On Reddit, 90% of people don’t know each other, and it is hard for people to know when someone is being sarcastic. Because of the context of sarcasm, the “/s” term got introduced on Reddit.

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