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How Long Does It Take for Facebook To Review a Report?

How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Review A Report

Are you uncomfortable with someone’s inappropriate post or comments and want to report them?

You should report any activity that violates Facebook’s community guidelines, and Facebook will act on your case.

You can report anything on Facebook, including posts, profiles, abusive comments, harassment, a Facebook group, etc.

Once you’ve filed your report, Facebook will review it.

But how long does it take for Facebook to review your report?

Quick Answer

There is no specific time that Facebook takes to review your report. However, most users have succeeded in their reported cases within hours, while others have waited 2 to 3 days before Facebook reviewed their report. You can check the status of your reported case in your support inbox or wait for Facebook to take action.

This guide discusses what happens after you report on Facebook, what you can report on Facebook, and how long it takes for Facebook to review your report. Still, we will discuss many people’s critical concerns about Facebook reports.

Should I Report to Facebook?

Facebook offers clear community guidelines that each user on the platform must adhere to.

The guidelines help protect everyone on the platform, including underage users.

When you come across something violating these guidelines, Facebook urges users to report it for Facebook to review and take action.

It could be you’ve seen an abusive comment, a fake Facebook profile, an abusive Facebook group, an inappropriate post, or someone is harassing you. If so, take action and report the issue.

Facebook will keep your report anonymous, and you can check your support inbox to see the status of your reported case.

If Facebook finds the reported case violated the community guidelines, it may take down the post, warn the involved person, or ban their account.

How Long Does It Take for Facebook to Review a Report?

It’s a good thing to report something that violates Facebook community guidelines. The problem arises when you wait for Facebook to review your report.

Unfortunately, there is no specific time that a report takes to get reviewed on Facebook. It all depends on the available queue submitted to Facebook and how fast their review team is.

The time it takes for Facebook to review a report also depends on the submitted report.

Some cases take a shorter time than others. Therefore. Don’t be surprised to encounter an abusive post that you reported still available on Facebook.

Generally, your report can get reviewed within a few hours, and sometimes, it can take a whole day, two days, or in the worst case, a week.

You can access your support inbox to see the status of your reported case.

Support Inbox Facebook

If you were wondering if someone can know you reported them, Facebook reports are anonymous.

Once you’ve reported something, Facebook will review the report and only contact the reported person if the report is valid.

The bottom line is that even though you’ve reported something on Facebook, it takes time before Facebook reaches your reports and reviews them.

Also, you don’t have to send another report as it may seem suspicious and will drag the process.


Reporting posts or comments that violate the community guidelines of Facebook or fake profiles is a good way of helping in the sanitization of Facebook.

Facebook reviews any reported cases 24/7, and your reported case can take hours or a few days before the review starts because of the queue of the many reports that Facebook gets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone know that I reported them?

No, they can’t. Facebook reports are anonymous, and when you report a given account or someone’s post, Facebook will analyze the report and reach out to the reported person if necessary. However, the reported person will have no idea who reported them as no details get shared with them.

Should I report again?

It depends. If you’ve reported something, it’s advisable to let Facebook first work on the reported case. It could be you’ve reported about restrictions on your account, and Facebook is yet to act on it. Reporting again only slows the process and can do your account more harm than good.

Why is the post I reported still visible?

Facebook takes time to analyze any reported case. If you report a post or a given account, Facebook analyzes to see if the reported case has violated its community guidelines. If not, no action will be taken to the post, and Facebook will notify you. You can decide to request a review of the reported case again.

How many reports can make an account be banned?

It depends on the intensity of the reported case. Some violations can ban your account immediately, while minor cases will require around ten reports before your account is banned. Nonetheless, the best way to protect your account is to adhere to Facebook’s community guidelines.

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