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What Does “Qts” Mean on Instagram

What Does Qts Mean On Instagram

Social media users have fully incorporated slang and abbreviations in everything they do. Depending on your platform, you’ll find slangs in texts, captions, tweets, and comments. The fun part of these slangs is how they just come to be without anybody knowing their particular origins. An example is the “qts” slang you see on Instagram and other platforms.

Quick Answer

“Qts” is a slang coined from the word “cuties”. The word’s pronunciation birthed the short form “qts”, but we cannot say who had the first use of the slang in a text. You’ll see the slang in different contexts as it can be used in texts, captions, and replies. “Qts” can also be used in other forms that could mean running something quietly.

In this article, we’ll see the contexts in which you can use “qts” as slang and the other possible meanings of “qts” in their contexts also.

How To Use “Qts” On Instagram

Instagram is the hub of aesthetics and cute things involving humans, animals, plants, or graphic representations of anything. There are millions of such posts uploaded to the platform every day, and if you’re one of those following a large number of people, having to comment with extended pleasantries can be tiring. This is why there are slangs like “qts”.

To use “qts” in a text on Instagram, the context to which it applies is important. Before you do, try saying the entire word “cuties” and see if it flows naturally in speech as you text it. You can also use “qts” ordinarily in a comment or text without it being in a sentence.


“Qts” can also take a “singular” form of “qt”, which means “cutie”.

Using “Qts” In Comments

Suppose you see a photo you consider cute consisting of more than a person or items. You can simply head on to the comment and type “qts”. If it’s singular a cute photo of just one person or item, you can use “qt”. You’re calling the people or things in the photo “cuties”, and it’s totally acceptable and loved by Instagram standards.

Using “Qts” In A Conversation

The use of “qts” in a conversation is also encouraged on Instagram as they’re considered trendy and cool by the younger crowd. There are different contexts in which you can apply “qts” or “qt”, and they’ll be illustrated in examples below.

  • Vanessa: Ingrid! Did you see the photos of Tom and John circulating on Instagram yesterday?
  • Ingrid: Omg, yes! They had everyone’s attention on them. People are still talking about them in the office.
  • Vanessa: They’re such qts!
  • Ingrid: Yes, they are. They’re so cute.

You could also have the singular form “qt” in a conversation like the one below.

  • Marcus: Hey. I’m feeling a bit sick today. Could you help me cover my shift at work today?
  • Tanya: Aww! Poor you. I’ll totally cover for you. Have you had anything to eat? Have you seen your doctor?
  • Marcus: You’re such a qt, Tanya. I’m on my way to the doctor’s right now. You don’t have to worry, and I’ll be fine. Thank you so much!

The above are how you can “qts” or “qt” in a conversation on Instagram or other social platforms.

What Are Other Possible Meanings For “Qts”?

The other meanings available for “qts” are less popular and will have to be used within a crowd you know will understand what you mean by it. “Qts” could be an acronym for “quiet that s**t!” and it could be used as “On the qts”, which could mean something done discreetly or in quiet.

For context, refer to the illustrations below:

  • Andrew: Hey, bro. The music from your room won’t let me sleep. Can you please keep it down?
  • Abel: It’s my room. I get to do whatever I want.
  • Andrew: Bro, QTS before I report you to mum!

In the above context, Andrew uses “QTS” as “quiet that s**t!.”

  • Liam: Hey. Have you seen Stephen?
  • Henry: Yes. He’s on the qts. He said he didn’t want to be disturbed or seen.

As you’ve guessed, the contextual usage of “qts” in that conversation means wanting to be quiet or discreet about something.


With this guide, you now know the meaning of “qts” in different contexts and how to apply them in conversations on Instagram or other platforms.

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