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What Does “PMOYS” Mean on Snapchat

What Does Pmoys On Snapchat Mean

In the digital age, it’s no surprise that texting terms keep changing daily. The language of teens has no limits, and you need to keep updated with new words, especially if you are a parent. Some texting terms are specific to the social apps they are used in, while others can be used in any niche.

If you wonder what “PMOYS” means on Snapchat, keep reading this post to find out.

Quick Answer

“PMOYS” is a Snapchat texting code that implies, “Put me on your Snapchat”. The term is mainly a way of showing some friendship between two people, but unless you know what it means, you may end up missing the point.

This guide will cover in detail what “PMOYS” means on Snapchat. Furthermore, we will also look at other popular texting code terms that you should be aware of. So, stick around and learn popular texting code terms.

What Does “PMOYS” Mean?

Snapchat has millions of users, and the majority of them are teens who are active and vibrant to come up with new ways to mask their talk. The most common way is to use texting code terms, such as “PMOYS”.

“PMOYS” is an abbreviation for “Put me on your Snapchat”. When used on Snapchat, it’s a request from one person to another for them to add their picture on Snap.

“PMOYS” is used as a proof of friendship, and when a friend needs their picture to show on the other person’s Snap as a means of getting admiration on Snapchat, they text them “PMOYS”. Besides, if someone wants to be Snapchat friends with another Snapchat user, they can send the “PMOYS” as a friend request.

The term “PMOYS” started in 2013. However, its popularity and usage were mainly in2016, but some Snapchat users still use it to date.

Popular Social Media Texting Code Terms

  • Snapstreak – Snapchat has a way of keeping the friendship vibrant by creating snaps. Here’s the kicker, when two people on Snapchat send pictures to each other daily, and for three consecutive days, they make a streak. The streak increases with their prolonged friendship. Plus, a fire emoji gets added next to the streak number.
  • LMP – the term “LMP” is popular on platforms like Instagram, where after a teen posts their picture, they can send an LMP to their friends. It means “Like My Pic”, and it’s a means to add their popularity by getting more likes.
  • Shading – a term kids use to cyberbully by gossiping about another person without directly mentioning their name. However, everyone in the conversation knows who is being gossiped about.
  • 11:11 – in the teen world, there is a belief that at a specific time, 11:11, many wishes can come to pass. So, you will likely meet people posting screenshots of the time and make a wish, such as acknowledging who they are crushing on.
  • Fam – it is used to refer to family, and you will often see people post maybe their friends and add the tag “fam” to imply it’s their social media family. For instance, Instagram fam means the Instagram family of followers.


Knowing what different code terms mean is helpful to fit in during a conversation if you are a teen. Moreover, knowing the meaning helps parents understand their kids’ language, and it’s a way of keeping them safe. We’ve covered what the term “PMOYS” means when used on Snapchat and discussed the popular code terms you can come across on different social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “PMOYS” a vulgar statement?

No, “PMOYS” is a Snapchat code sent to someone requesting them to add them to their stories or post their picture.

Who comes up with text code terms?

Teens come up with different terms to mask their language, especially when in the presence of parents. As such, no specific person comes up with the code terms.

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