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How To Message on Facebook Without Messenger

How To Message On Facebook Without Messenger

A few years back, Facebook made it mandatory for everyone using the app to get Messenger to continue chatting and staying in touch with their friends. Messenger was well-received with its advanced features, but many have said it’s a heavy app that could get glitchy at times. Hence, they look for a way to bypass Messenger and find other alternatives.

Quick Answer

There are about three methods to text someone on Facebook without using Messenger. Firstly, you can log into your Facebook account on your mobile device and request a desktop site. You can also use the desktop website from your computer/laptop or Facebook’s SMS to send messages.

This article will show how you can send a message on Facebook without using Messenger.

Messenger Platform and Facebook Messages

Messenger was launched in 2014 as a better way for people on Facebook to send texts and stay connected with their friends on Facebook. However, the advent of Messenger resulted in Facebook restricting messages on the official Facebook app; hence you had to download Messenger before you could send texts or multi-media messages to anybody.

Messenger incorporates several features, including video calls, audio messages, chat themes, and several others. However, with these features came the heavy space that the app took on users’ phones. Also, some have complained about the app suddenly shutting down, among several other glitches.

Rather than totally eliminate the use of Facebook or Messenger, users have sought alternatives to sending Facebook messages without using Messenger. Of course, in today’s world, there’s no way you won’t have one social app with billions of people on the internet. Luckily, alternatives were found, and users have been exploring these options to bypass the use of Messenger.

How To Send Texts on Facebook Without Using Messenger

You can use three methods to send messages on Facebook without using the Messenger app. These include using the mobile browser on your phone, desktop browser, or Facebook’s SMS messages.

Using the Mobile Browser

Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can apply this method to escape the use of Messenger. These are the steps involved in using your mobile browser.

  1. Launch your mobile browser and go to Facebook.Launch Your Mobile Browser And Go To Facebook.
  2. If you find the conversation option, tap on it. If You Find The Conversation Option, Tap On It.
  3. If not, tap the notifications icon and tap on “Request desktop site.” Once on the desktop site, tap messages.Tap On Request Desktop Site.
  4. Click on the contact you want to send the text to and send your messages.Click On The Contact You Want To Send The Text

Using Your Computer’s Web Browser

This process will be much easier if you have a computer.

  1. You must launch your favorite web browser on your computer and go to Facebook.Go To Facebook On Your Computer
  2. Once you do, you’ll get all the icons you’d typically have on the Facebook app before Messenger.You'll Get All The Icons On The Facebook App
  3. Simply click on the conversations icon, and you’ll be taken to a list of contacts you can message.Click On The Conversations Icon

Tap on the contact you want to send a text to and send whatever messages you want.

Using Facebook’s SMS

You can use this method only if your phone number is connected to your Facebook account. It’s a much simpler way of sending messages on Facebook without the need to use Facebook’s web browser or Messenger. But first, you must ensure your number is registered on Facebook in the following steps.

  1. Search for Facebook’s code to send messages in your region.Search For Facebook's Code To Send Messages In Your Region.
  2. Open your SMS application, type “F” in the message body, and send it to the shortcode viable in your region.Enter The Facebook Code Into The Recipient's Box
  3. You’ll get a confirmation code from Facebook within minutes of sending it.
  4. Login to your Facebook account on your PC and go to your Personal Details settings.Go To Your Personal Details Settings.
  5. Click Contact Info and enter the activation/confirmation code you received via text.Enter The Activation Confirmation Code You Received Via Text

Once you do, you can now proceed to send a text message to your friend without having to log in. Using Facebook’s SMS service will cost you the amount they charge for the SMS rates in your region. These are the steps to sending a message to your friend on Facebook using the SMS option.

  1. Open your SMS application on your phone.Open Your Sms Application On Your Phone.
  2. Navigate to “compose message” and enter the Facebook code into the recipient’s box.Enter The Facebook Code Into The Recipient's Box
  3. Enter msg <the name of your friend> <your message>.Enter Msg The Name Of Your Friend Your Message.
  4. Send the message to the short code, and they’ll receive the message almost instantly in their inbox.Send The Message To The Short Code

You’ll also be able to get replies from your friends in your phone’s inbox. This way, you only have to send texts without needing an internet connection.


With these methods, you can bypass the use of Facebook Messenger and send as many texts as you want to your Facebook friends. Also, there are third-party apps that you can use to send messages on Facebook without Messenger. However, you’re to use them at your own risk.

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