How To Look Thinner on Zoom?

How To Look Thinner On Zoom

You can connect closely with friends, family, and co-workers thanks to social apps like Zoom, Instagram, and FaceTime.

As video calls, virtual meetings, and conferences are becoming critical parts of our lives, there is a growing demand to look great on camera.

While people you interface with know what you look like in real life, looking great helps boost your self-esteem online.

As such, a common concern among internet users is how to look presentable. Specifically, people want to know how to look thinner on Zoom.

Quick Answer

To look thinner on Zoom, sit in a way that natural window light is facing you, and place your camera at the right angle. Also, adjust the way you sit and tilt your forehead forward. Finally, choose dark-colored clothes and apply some makeup.

Looking thinner on Zoom takes a combination of many strategies. Learn more about them in this guide as we show you tricks and tactics to look slimmer on Zoom video calls.

Why Do You Need To Look Great on Zoom?

The Role of video conference apps like Zoom can’t be underestimated these days. At first, many found it challenging to communicate mainly through video calls.

These days, however, virtual meetings have become the norm for businesses, organizations, families, and friends. Since it’s part of our lives, it’s best to put some effort into our appearance.

One of the people’s complaints when they make video calls on Zoom and other similar platforms is how the camera projects their face.

Often, the camera lenses make your face look bigger. Some people wouldn’t care about this, but some meetings and video conferences are sometimes recorded and broadcast to the public.

Even if your look doesn’t matter on Zoom, it’s crucial to look your best in the internet age. Our virtual images are the means of identification without in-person communication. That speaks a lot in our absence, especially at workplaces.

How do you look thinner on Zoom video calls? Read on to learn more.

5 Ways To Look Thinner on Zoom

You only need a few tricks to make your face and body look slimmer on Zoom. Here are some strategies.

Strategy #1: Place Your Camera Properly

How you appear on Zoom has a lot to do with your camera. It makes a huge difference in your appearance once it’s properly placed.

To set your camera right, place it at your eye level. When you place your camera above your eye level, it tends to flatter your full facial structure. Also, it enlarges your forehead and emphasizes your nose and any sagging chin. 

You can prevent this appearance by placing your device camera at the eye-level. This setting presents your face well regardless of the shape of your head and face. Besides, people will see your face clearly without any magnification.

Strategy #2: Tilt Your Head Forward

Tilting the head is a trick photographers use in their work. Well, it has the same effect on Zoom video conferences – to look thinner.

When you tilt your head slightly forward in a Zoom call, it helps to make your face appear longer, giving you an oblong face shape. Also, this head placement helps to conceal a double chin or excess fat below your jaw. 

Strategy #3: Adjust Your Body Appropriately

Although your face is the first thing people notice, a part of your body contributes significantly to your appearance. After placing your camera at eye level and tilting your head forward, adjust your body. 

Many people tend to lean backward and face the camera directly. These won’t help you look thinner but project you at a wide angle. That’s because your camera captures everything from your face to your neck and upper body.

Instead, sit in a way that limits the space that the camera captures. For example, sit straight, so your stomach and chest do not protrude.

Instead of leaning back, push your head forward and look ahead straight. Then, press down your shoulders (not your head). This will help make you look slimmer and more confident.

Strategy #4: Select Dark and Fitted Clothes

The clothes you wear in a Zoom call have a lot of effect on your appearance. Particularly, the color you choose makes the difference. 

Big prints, stripes, loud colors, and baggy clothes attract attention to your clothes rather than your body parts when you wear them outside.

However, these clothes make you look wider and fatter when you face the camera. One reason is that your camera only captures a little space, emphasizing the body parts people can see on-screen. 

On the other hand, dark clothing is your best option to look slimmer on Zoom calls.

That’s because dark colors draw the eyes away from your body to your face. Therefore, it gives the illusion of a thinner and taller body on zoom. Plus, when you wear fitted clothes, your body looks smaller.

Strategy #5: Apply Some Makeup

When it comes to looking great on camera, makeup is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

Thankfully, contouring is a makeup technique among women and some men. Its purpose is to outline and enhance the structure of the face. 

Specifically, it sculpts your face using slightly lighter or darker makeup than your skin. That way, it creates the effects of light and shadow and minimizes some areas of the face, so your face looks smaller. 

As a man, you can get a contoured and oblong face if you comb your beard downward from your chin. That produces an angled beard, helps to hide the double chin, and outlines the jawline.

In addition, remember to trim it to hide any extra hair. 


Looking great on camera is something many people want to know. To look slimmer on Zoom, you must combine many tactics and strategies.

These include positioning your head at the right angle, tilting your head forward, and adjusting your body in front of the camera. 

In addition, you should focus on dark and fitted clothes to make you look smaller. Finally, contouring your face or having an angled beard makes your face look longer.

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