How To Block Twitch Ads

How To Block Twitch Ads

Ads are great for the ad promoter, but as the viewer, you can easily get irritated whenever ads block your view. Twitch displays various ads at different locations on your screen.

These ads are Twitch’s way of generating income. When accessing Twitch, there are different ways of blocking ads. We will discuss the best ways of blocking Twitch ads in this post.

Quick Answer

For ads appearing on a particular channel, you can block them by subscribing to that channel. You can block other ads using a VPN to block trackers and other ads on Twitch. Moreover, you can use an ad blocker extension or download an ad blocker browser and use it when accessing Twitch. These methods are effective on different levels and have their shortcomings.

Are you getting irritated by Twitch ads? Do you want a quick and effective way of blocking them? This post covers the different ways of blocking Twitch ads.

Why Does Twitch Display Ads?

Twitch is a leading gaming platform that allows gamers to stream their gaming and interact with their followers. The platform accommodates different niches; anyone with a Twitch account and channel can start streaming.

Twitch relies on ads to generate revenue. The ads are split between the platform and the different creators. When using Twitch, you will encounter these ads at different points, including in a Twitch channel when following your favorite streamer. Twitch doesn’t give users a way of blocking these ads, but there are various strategies you can rely on.

How To Block Twitch Ads

Ads are an excellent way for Twitch creators to earn revenue. Thus, you can freely enjoy Twitch without encountering ads at some point.

If you are annoyed by these ads or want a quick and reliable way of blocking them, we will cover the various methods you can use to achieve this.

Subscribe to the Channel

You can support your favorite streamer on Twitch by subscribing to their channel. The subscription comes at a monthly cost. As a Twitch channel subscriber, one of the benefits you get is that you can enjoy ad-free viewing while accessing the channel’s content.

Twitch does this to support creators and encourage people to subscribe to different channels to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience. Once you subscribe to a channel, any ads displayed on that channel won’t appear on your case as long as your subscription is active.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is handy for anyone wanting to mask their location and block trackers. Your network will get tunneled with a VPN, so your location will be hidden.

So, if you want to block ads, consider downloading and installing a VPN to tunnel your connection when accessing Twitch on your browser.

VPNs offer different subscription costs. So, get an ideal VPN, pay for the subscription, and enjoy accessing Twitch.

Use an Ad Block Extension

There are different ad-blocker browser extensions you can use with Twitch. These third-party extensions disguise your browser’s fingerprint, so ads and trackers won’t reach you.

Search for an ad-blocker extension and add it to your browser. Once added, open Twitch on your browser and the ad-blocker extension will work towards giving you an ad-free viewing.

Use an Ad Block Browser

You can use an ad-blocker browser if you don’t get an ad-blocker extension. A browser like Brave prides itself in helping users block ads and trackers when accessing different sites, including Twitch. You can download and install Brave on your device and then use it to access the Twitch website.

Brave will block any ads on Twitch, and you will hopefully enjoy Twitch comfortably with no ads to ruin your experience.


Ads ruin your viewing experience on Twitch. If you are facing different ads affecting your viewing experience, you can seek different methods of blocking these ads.

You can use a VPN, subscribe to a Twitch channel, access an ad-blocker browser, or add an ad-blocker extension to block trackers and ads. All these methods are discussed in detail in this post. Try them out!

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