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What Does “MNU” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Mnu&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

If you have not seen abbreviations on your Snapchat account, you probably have no friends who enjoy slang. But, times are changing, and so are languages on these platforms.

Have you seen ‘MNU’ on snaps or texts sent to you on Snapchat and wondered what ‘MNU’ means on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

MNU’ is an acronym for ‘me and you.’ Yes, simple. Its use cuts across different Snapchat media. You will see it on snaps, Bitmojis, messages, and stories. 

When using Snapchat, it is crucial to learn this new language. Well, most older buddies feel like they have outgrown slang. They mostly associate it with teenagers. Regardless, understanding some basics makes your life easier on this platform.

This article is a guide with all the information you need to know about ‘MNU.’ You will learn its meaning, usage, and replies. Check out some of the possible long forms of the abbreviation that can apply on Snapchat.

What Is “MNU?”

First, this is not an English lesson. So do not start wondering if it should be me and you, you and me, or you and I. ‘MNU’ is the short form for ‘me and you. When someone on Snapchat uses ‘MNU,’ it means they are talking about themselves and you.

This applies especially in text conversations. For instance, someone can say, can ‘MNU’ know each other? It means that the sender wants to learn more about you. They will also tell you more about themselves.

It is like involving the two parties in a conversation or activity. It might sound grammatically incorrect, but this is slang. I do not know how many of you could ace this.

But, ‘M’ might be easy to guess. ‘N’ will give you a migraine because you might think it is the first letter of a word. In slang, ‘and’ is abbreviated as ‘N.’ ‘U’ will worsen things because of a similar assumption. ‘U’ is also the short form of ‘you’ in these streets.

How Is “MNU” Used on Snapchat?

Surprisingly, the long form of ‘MNU’ is used as it is in verbal communication, even though perfectionists prefer using ‘You and I.’ It is a way of coupling two parties – the first and second person in the discussion. 

The abbreviation might be watermarked on a photo to show two people. If such appears on one of your Snapchat friend’s stories or snaps, the other person could be someone close to them. Often, it is a partner, sibling, or best friend.

If someone sends you a message with the abbreviation, it means that both of you are the subject of discussion. ‘MNU’ is one of the simplest abbreviations to use on Snapchat. As long as you are chatting with a friend on the platform, you can look for ways to use it.

When To Use “MNU” on Snapchat?

Unlike other Snapchat-specific acronyms that can be difficult to use, this one isn’t. There are many instances you can use ‘MNU’ on the platform. Check out some to help you start embracing slang on Snapchat:

  • When planning an event or activity, you want to go to with a friend on Snapchat.
  • If you want to post a snap you took with a friend on their birthday or special day.
  • When chatting with a friend about a topic that both of you understand.
  • If whoever you are sending to likes slang.

How To Reply When Someone Sends You “MNU” on Snapchat?

When a Snapchat friend sends you content with ‘MNU,’ you can reply with a sticker, a GIF, Bitmoji, emoji, an avatar, a smiley, or a snap. Also, you can type a response depending on the context of the conversation.

Some people can be weird on Snapchat. You can ignore these if you do not feel like responding.


Be careful not to give sensitive information to Snapchat friends you do not know.

Other Meanings of “MNU”

‘MNU’ could also mean:

  • ‘Maiden name unknown’ in government documentation
  • Multi-national united
  • MidAmerica Nazarene University
  • Menu
  • Maldives National University


Snapchat is a fun photo-sharing app. With different mediums of communication available on it, you will not lack a way to use ‘MNU.’ Especially if you have many people on your friend list, you can try it out when next open the app

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