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What Does “LYK” Mean on Facebook?

What Does &Quot;Lyk&Quot; Mean On Facebook

The good old Facebook has been bomb.com for a while now. Well, not so old. But people of all ages love it. And since it is diversifying from an exclusive social platform, the vocabulary is changing too. You might have come across a few slang words you don’t know.

For instance, do you know what ‘LYK’ means on FB?

Quick Answer

You might think it is the street word for ‘like’ or perhaps a fancy modification—nothing of the sort. ‘LYK‘ is an acronym for ‘let you know.’ It means the sender is promising to give more information about an issue in discussion later.

It might have confused you for a while because of its similar pronunciation to ‘Like.’ But, you should know that Facebook abbreviations could mean different things from how they sound. Please don’t make it mind-boggling since you can look up these acronyms on Google and get their meanings.

Keep reading to learn more about ‘LYK.’ You will know how to use it on Facebook comments, stories, lives, and messenger.

What Is ‘LYK’?

LYK‘ is an acronym for ‘let you know‘ on Facebook. However, it cuts across other social media platforms. When someone sends you a message or comment with ‘LYK,’ they are unsure about an answer or details. They promise to get back to you with this information.

To be sensible, the abbreviation is accompanied by other words before or after it. For instance, a Facebook user can say ‘I will LYK’ or ‘Ken will LYK tomorrow about it.’ Other abbreviations could also accompany it.

This one must have cracked your head, and I am sure it will take you ages without finding its long form. All three letters are difficult to guess correctly. ‘L’ could mean ‘love’ and ‘Y’ for ‘you.’ But what about ‘K’? Even if these might be correct assumptions, they don’t fit the context here.

How Is ‘LYK’ Used on Facebook?

As a social, business, and networking platform, Facebook is beginning to have slang limited to it and other social networks. When someone sends you an inbox or comment with the acronym ‘LYK,’ they are unsure about some details you asked for.

Instead of guessing and giving wrong answers, they prefer to text ‘LYK’ to mean that they will let you know. The sender has a task to confirm this information before giving you the correct feedback.

You can use this acronym the same way in a phone or one-on-one conversation. It has no hidden meaning and could be a way to end a conversation if there is nothing else to discuss. For instance, if you spot a nice pair of sneakers from a Facebook marketplace seller and ask for it in your size, the seller might reply with ‘I will LYK once in the store.’

The conversation might resume with feedback from the sender, or you can check with them if there is any info.

When To Use ‘LYK’ on Facebook

Using ‘LYK’ is a way of expressing uncertainty. Check out below some instances when you can use ‘LYK’ correctly on Facebook without falling out of context:

  • If you are unsure about answers to questions asked by a fellow Facebook user.
  • When you want to give information or details about an event, person, or thing, e.g., ‘I want to LYK that Mark is around today.’
  • If you are undecided about something and need time to think about it before giving your final thoughts.

Be careful when using ‘LYK’ with strangers on Facebook. Ensure you aren’t sharing personal details that could compromise your safety or that of your account or loved ones.

How To Reply to a Message or Comment With ‘LYK’ on Facebook

When someone sends you a message or Facebook comment with ‘LYK,’ they promise to get back to use with factual details or answers. Sometimes, they could be informing you about someone or something you need to know.

For the first situation, you can reply by letting them know how they should communicate the feedback. But in case someone passes information, you can respond by thanking them or asking relevant questions, if any.

Wrap Up

Let its pronunciation not make you lose its meaning. That is how slang can be, and if you aren’t careful, you can confuse yourself and whoever you are chatting with on Facebook.

Remember ‘LYK’ could mean uncertainty of details or factual information being passed depending on the context of the conversation. 

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