What Does “LFG” Mean in Discord?

What Does &Quot;Lfg&Quot; Mean In Discord

While on Discord, especially in a game server, it’s not surprising to see people using LFG to imply various things. Unfortunately, you can’t flow with the conversation if you don’t understand what that person means when they use LFG in their conversation.

LFG could mean different things, depending on the context where it is used, and in this guide, we will dig deep into understanding what it means on Discord.

Quick Answer

LFG is a common acronym that you will find associated with gaming. It stands for “looking for group,” which is someone’s way of saying they are looking for a gaming group to join. LFG can be used in another context when someone is excited or vibrant about the game. In such a scenario, they imply, “let’s freaking go” or “let’s f**king go.” Also, it can be used when someone is impatient or irritated about something.

In this guide, we will get into the details of the different meanings of LFG on Discord. We will give examples for each case to help you understand what LFG means and how to use it in Discord for communication. That said, let’s begin!

What “LFG” Means in Discord and How To Use It

Discord is a gaming hub with plenty of servers for various activities. There are multiple gaming communities on Discord, and whatever game you love, you can find a community for it on Discord. There are two primary meanings of LFG on Discord. Take a look!

Looking for Group

Some games require people to get into groups to play, which is popular with online multiplayer games. When someone is playing a game and wants to team up with someone, they can send the LFG to a given community. An interested person can then team up with them.

For instance, someone can text, “LFG level 7+.” Here, the person is looking for a gamer who has passed level 7 of the particular game to team up with them. So, if you qualify, you can message the person and discuss the other details.

You can also use LFG when in a conversation with your Discord friend. Here’s a conversation example.

  • Person 1: “Hey, did you start gaming?”
  • Person 2: “Not yet. I’m still LFG.”

In such a context, the other person is responding that they are yet to start gaming as they are still looking for a group.

Let’s Freaking Go or Let’s F**king Go

Still, on Discord, someone can use LFG to imply something other than looking for a group. Most people love hyping others when gaming, which is still a way of showing excitement about the game. In such a case, they use LFG to mean, “let’s freaking go!”

A statement like, “I am beating you at this, LFG!” Here, the person implies that they will win the game and adds LFG to express their excitement and hype about the game.

On the contrary, someone disappointed or annoyed about something can use LFG to mean, “let’s f**king go!” For instance, your Discord buddy can message you, “Hey, that team is down, LFG, and leave them to it.

In such a case, your friend shows how annoyed they are about the Discord gaming team and tells you to quit and leave the team to suit itself.

Those are the two meanings of LFG on Discord. Easy, right?


LFG, when used on Discord, could have two meanings. It could imply “looking for group” or “let’s freaking/f**king go.” We’ve discussed each meaning in detail and offered various examples to help understand how to use it in Discord communication. Now you know what LFG means in Discord.

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