What Does It Mean To Get Beamed on Discord?

What Does It Mean To Get Beamed On Discord

Even though Discord is a communication platform where people can connect and chat with friends and family, it was initially launched as an app where gamers and software developers can hang out.

Discord has several features geared toward gaming, streaming, and play coordination. It also supports voice and video chat, screen sharing, and third-party streaming, allowing gamers to stream on other apps.

You may have encountered the term “beaming” if you’re new to the Discord gaming community. So, what does this mean?

Quick Answer

“Beaming” on Discord means another player has stolen your limited edition items. In online gaming, players acquire limited edition items to keep as tokens and then sell them to purchase something more valuable. If a player manages to steal these items, they will have beamed you. Players typically use clickbait and links to distract the other player and steal from them.

You’re not alone if you are a Discord user unfamiliar with online gaming terms like beaming. This post will help you understand what beaming means and the various contexts to use it.

Overview of Beaming on Discord

Online gaming is one of the most popular communities on Discord. Users interested in one or several online games join a server where they regularly play games, share information and perform other activities.

Some of the most popular gaming communities on the platform are dedicated to games like Genship Impact, Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Valorant, Apex Legends, and many more.

If you’re part of one or several of these online gaming communities, you’ve likely encountered the term “beamed.”

This term is especially common in the Roblox gaming communities. Roblox is a storefront where users create and play games. It provides users with the means and tools to create and play games.

The developers then incorporate limited items called ‘Limiteds’ that players can earn and sell to acquire valuable items to sustain them in the game.

Roblox games are free and can be in different genres, including racing, war, discovery, or fighting games.

Roblox games are especially popular on Discord because of their diversity, in-app purchases, and tokens that make each game interesting and unique.

Suppose you’re playing Roblox games on Discord, then a player hacks your account and steals your ‘Limiteds.’ In that case, the other players will say you have been ‘beamed.’

Next, we’ll discuss different contexts for using ‘beamed’ on Discord.

Use of Beamed on Discord

As we’ve established, ‘beamed’ is when another player uses a clickbait or link to hack into your account and steal your gaming ‘Limiteds.’

‘Beaming’ is especially common in Roblox games. Beamers also have dedicated communities on Discord, discussing tactics to steal from other gamers.

While beaming can seem like a harmless online activity, it has blossomed into a multi-million market where beamers sell stolen ‘Limiteds’ for thousands of dollars or crypto.

There are various ways to use ‘Beamed’ on Discord. One way is when warning another player not to click on a suspicious link.

Remember, beamers use links to hack into players’ accounts. To use ‘beamed’ in this context, you can say, ‘Hey, don’t click on the link below the message I sent you on the server. You might get beamed.’

Another way to use ‘beamed’ is when reporting that your account was hacked and some of your ‘Limiteds’ stolen. Here’s an example in a sentence:

‘I’ve not been feeling great about playing recently. I got beamed last week, and all my fighting gear was stolen.’

While ‘Beamed’ is mostly used in Roblox games on Discord, you may also encounter it on other servers.

Remember, other games also have in-app purchases and tokens players earn when they attain particular levels. Players can also adopt the term beamed to refer to stealing valuable items from others in different games.


‘Beamed’ is commonly used by Roblox game players on Discord. It refers to when another player hacks into an account using a malicious link or clickbait and steals the ‘Limiteds.’

Limiteds are in-app purchases and tokens that players acquire after reaching certain game levels. Usually, beamers steal Limiteds to sell them in secret online markets.

To avoid getting beamed, don’t click on suspicious or clickbait links. Additionally, join gaming communities with strict and verifiable rules that keep all members in check.


Is beaming on Discord illegal?

Yes, beaming is illegal. Remember, it involves hacking into another player’s account and stealing their items. This is against Discord’s user policy and may get you into trouble with the authorities if caught.

How do you get beamed on Discord?

Beamers send you messages with suspicious links and clickbait messages. Clicking on the link will introduce malware and viruses that reveal your account details.

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