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What Does “IBM” Stand for on Facebook

What Does &Quot;Ibm&Quot; Stand For On Facebook

Starting as just a college experiment by Mark Zuckerberg and others — Facebook has revolutionized how we communicate with everyone around us. Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with more and more people joining it every day. The platform has changed our lives, interactions, and relationships with others.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform — with around 2.5 billion monthly users. According to Forbes, Facebook is in the top position among the most valuable brands (including AppleGoogleMicrosoft, and Amazon). Additionally, with a $69.6 billion net worth, Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Since this masterpiece of Zuckerberg has impacted our lives on so many levels, we naturally need to learn some Facebook lingo, slang, and abbreviations for better communication. One such acronym is “IBM,” which on Facebook means “Inbox Me.”

To learn more on this and other acronyms on Facebook, keep reading!

Facebook (Meta) — The Social Media Revolutionary

I cannot remember my life before Facebook (I do have faded memories of Orkut, even Myspace, but I never knew myself not on Facebook). If you are a millennial, chances are you grew up with Facebook. Facebook has been an integral part of our lives. It changed the way we socialize with people.

The journey from Facemash to Facebook is inspiring. You can check out the movie, The Social Network, which incredibly portrays the whole struggle behind Facebook and even some controversies; you know how some claimed Zuckerberg got lucky or stole the idea. We do not have to go in-depth there.

For all we know, ever since Facebook became a part of our lives, it has transformed it. Facebook changed our relationships with our parents, friends, colleagues, and others. It gave us voices to stand for what we believe in and bash anything in society we strongly disagree with. It enabled us to get our long-lost friends and relatives back in our lives.

Facebook made people come closer. It created a wholesome community — where everybody is together, sharing everything from their lives with everyone online. It gave us access to the world. It enabled us to reach the world, touch it, and have an impact on it. Similarly, it allowed us to share our lives moments, from weddings to graduations to a child-birth and their graduation — everything.

Facebook also offered businesses new ways to reach their target audience and market their products. Above all, it made the connection between brands and consumers more humane and personal.

BEWARE: Facebook is Dangerous

According to various research, Facebook also has negatively affected many people. The negative impacts of Facebook include and are not exclusive to; low self-esteembody consciousness, feeling of inadequacyanxietyinsomnianarcissism, and even instigated hate and violence.

Besides, there are accusations that Facebook has used and leveraged users’ private data by making deals with third parties.

Facebook Abbreviations & Slang 

Besides changing our communication with people, Facebook has also changed our languages. Many Internet slang, lingo, and abbreviations originated on this platform.

It is ironic that we use many abbreviations in our online chats to save time, but in reality, using social media is a total waste of time by itself (if you are compromising your work and studies for it).

Nevertheless, on Facebook, like any other social media platform, many abbreviations and slang came into existence to make the conversation effortless, may I say even cool! TBH, for me, Facebook language is more understandable than Snapchat.

Now, enough of jibber-jabber; let’s talk about some of the Facebook abbreviations so that next time anybody uses them, you don’t feel like a lost kid.

Let’s start with the meaning of the acronym “IBM” on Facebook.

What Does “IBM” Stand for on Facebook?

Generally, “IBM” stands for “International Business Machines Corporation” (the famous company that makes computers). In the realm of Facebook, IBM means something else.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “IBM” stands for “Inbox me.”

Example Usage of “IBM”

You find this really cute top on Primark’s Facebook page, and they have not mentioned its prices. Now you want to know its price. Naturally, you would comment on the post saying, ‘Please lemme know the price.’

Now, if the brand replies with “IBM,” It means it wants you to inbox them the same question or send a personal message to them instead of asking it on the post, and they will reply to to to you there.

So, IBM is used when the person wants to have a personal conversation with you on the messenger.

Other Useful Facebook Acronyms

  • ASAP – As soon as possible
  • TBT – Throwback Thursday
  • 404 – No clue
  • LMK – Let me know
  • BBT – Be back tomorrow
  • WOA – Work of Art
  • BAU – Business as usual
  • TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday
  • PM – Privat message
  • FYI – For your information
  • IDC & IDK – I don’t care & I don’t know

The Wrap

The WOA (Work of Art) by Zuckerberg and others, Facebook, has changed the way we socialize with other people and maintain our relationships.

Facebook has introduced many acronyms into our lives to make communication faster and easier on online messenger. One such abbreviation is IBM which we discussed in the article, meaning ‘Inbox Me.’

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