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What Does ‘HP’ Mean on Snapchat?

What Does 'Hp' Mean On Snapchat

It is impossible to deny that Snapchat has the most abbreviations. While most enjoy using acronyms in their conversations, others feel confused, lost, or bored.

The minority that doesn’t use slang on Snapchat doesn’t understand their meanings. A common one among gamers is ‘HP.’

Quick Answer

‘HP’ here doesn’t mean your laptop or desktop brand (of course, it does but has a different meaning on Snapchat). On Snapchat, it means ‘hit points‘ or ‘health points.’ This can be confusing because the contexts in which this slang is used are minimal. It is a common abbreviation among gamers.

Even if you are not a gamer, you might have received ‘HP’ in a Snapchat message from a friend who could be a gamer and assume that you are. No worries! No need to leave the conversation because you don’t understand slang.

Browse below to learn how to reply to messages with ‘HP’ whether you are into gaming or not.

What is ‘HP’ on Snapchat?

‘HP’ on Snapchat is the short form for ‘hit points‘ or ‘health points.’ Even with these meanings, they can be challenging to comprehend. ‘HP’ is a game terminology. It is common among video and tabletop gamers. Health points here mean the maximum damage an object or character can take.

Once the amount of health is depleted, the character loses consciousness or dies. Gamers use ‘HP’ to ask each other about game characters in a game they are both playing. Here, they want to know a potential winner or loser.

You might not be a gamer but still receive ‘HP’ in a text. The sender wants to know your views on a game’s character. Overall, it isn’t straightforward to tell the meaning of HP in a Snapchat text. And you can quickly reply with a wrong answer (even though it seems fitting to you).

Sometimes, the message sender will explain what ‘HP’ means in their context to help you provide the correct answer. But, if you are a gamer, you will quickly understand its meaning.

How Is ‘HP’ Used?

When chatting with fellow gamers, they can easily understand its use and reply effectively. You can use ‘HP’ in in-person conversations. It is a short form for asking someone about the stability of a character in a game. You want to know their potential to win or lose the game.

If you are conversing with a stranger on Snapchat and you aren’t sure if they love gaming or have played a game you are currently playing, make it easier to understand. For instance, you can ask, ‘what is the HP of the protagonist in Assassin’s Creed?’

Here, the protagonist is a character in the Assassin’s Creed game.

When To Use ‘HP’ on Snapchat

‘HP’ is a way of wanting to know about the potential of characters in a game. Here’s how you can use the acronym on Snapchat:

  • When you want to know if a character can be killed or kill the enemy in a game.
  • When you want to know if a player can successfully strike the opponent and decrease if the player doesn’t dodge blows.
  • When you want to know if you can restore characters’ health points with items like first aid kits, food, potions, or siphon it from the enemy.

Luckily, this is among the Snapchat acronyms you can use in formal and informal conversations. Informal discussions with game developers, it is easier for them to understand the meaning of ‘HP’ without finding it unprofessional.

How To Reply to a Message With ‘HP’

If you are a gamer and the conversation is about a game you have played. Reply by rating the stability of the character in question.

The other party wants to know if their winning chances are high or low. If you are not a gamer or haven’t played the game in the discussion, tell the sender that you don’t know.


While some abbreviations cut across all conversations on Snapchat, others are limited to specific groups of people. ‘HP’ is one of the few that remain relevant among gamers. Unfortunately, someone can assume you are a gamer and send you ‘HP’ messages.

Now that you know what it means, even if you aren’t a gamer, you can tell them you don’t know since you don’t play video or tabletop games. Otherwise, it isn’t an offensive acronym.

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