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How Often Does Snapchat Score Update

How Often Does Snapchat Score Update

Snapchat is all about sending snaps and comparing snap scores.

But how often does it update?

Quick Answer

Your own Snapchat score updates almost immediately. However, if you are viewing your friend’s score, it can take a little time to update.

The Snapchat score combines the number of Snaps sent and received. It is an excellent indicator in determining the user’s activity on this image-sharing app.

But how often does Snapchat score update? If you are wondering the same thing, you have reached your destination.

This article will provide an extensive guide on how often the app updates its scores and other related queries. So, keep on scrolling to learn more!

How Often Does the Snapchat Score Update?

Your Snapscore updates every time you send or receive a snap. But, the time taken to update may vary.

When talking about a user’s own score, it updates instantly when they send or open a Snap.

However, when looking at someone else’s score, it may take a little while to get them updated.

Check The Snap Score

Why? The time buffer assists in hiding the user’s online status and activity. The refreshing time can be anywhere between five minutes to a couple of hours.

Occasionally, the app may have some “error,” and you must close and reopen it to see the updated score.

Can You See When Someone Checks Your Snap Score?

The answer is no, you can’t.

Snapchat has no feature to notify users when someone visits their profile or checks their scores. Nor does the app lets you know about the number of times someone has watched your story.

Also, you can only see the score of people who have added you as their friend. And you can do this without any worry since Snapchat does not notify them when you check their score.

How To Improve Your Snapchat Score

Snap scores are not to be taken lightly since Snapchat is all about increasing them.

So, how to improve your score and be the next King (or Queen) of Snapchat?

Here are a few ways:

  • Add more friends and start streaks with them.
  • Greet your friends with a good morning and goodnight snap. Even though it may seem a little trivial initially, a few snaps a day do not take much time to mount up your score.
  • Watch every snap or story that comes your way. It can get tiring and annoying, but the serotonin boost after seeing your score go up will definitely make the hassle worth it.
  • Engaging with celebrities is also an easy way of increasing your score. They send plenty of Snaps a day and, at times, also open your snaps, which is a win-win.
  • The same thing implies to brands. Most notable brands employ agencies to watch their snaps, And hence, snapping these brands is a good way of increasing your score.
  • Take a break from Snapchat. Wait, what? Apparently, rejoining Snapchat after not being active for a while gets you bonus points.

The major don’t of improving your score is to stay away from those scam websites that promise to increase your score within hours for a few bucks.

They are fake and useless since a third party has no power to change your snap score.


Even though the random numbers under your Bitmoji are useless in real life, on this social-messaging app, they are the key to determining your popularity.

We hope our article helps inform you about how often the Snap Score gets updated, the people who can view it, and some ways to increase your score.

Happy Snapchatting, Everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Snapchat Score go down?

Snapchat score cannot go down; it can only increase.

Can my points go up randomly?

No, your snap score cannot increase without you doing the mandatory steps of sending and opening the snaps.

Why can’t I see someone’s score on Snapchat?

Until and unless both users have hit the ‘Add’ button, neither can watch the other’s score. Blocking or removing the friend also has the same effect.

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