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Why Can’t I Edit My Instagram Post?

Why Can T I Edit My Instagram Post

So you tried uploading a beautiful photo you took or a cool post on Instagram, and you noticed you made a mistake in your post.

But each time you tried editing, you got the edit error message. This can be disappointing, we know this, and this is why we’re here to help.

Now you’ll be wondering, why can’t I edit my Instagram post?

Quick Answer

In general, the edit error might not be from your end. It could also be that some features are not permissible on your phone, and there was a glitch somewhere while you were uploading or trying to edit your photos.

In this article, we have highlighted possible reasons why you can’t edit your Instagram post. We have also shown you how to fix this so you can make the best Instagram posts. Keep reading to find out.

Bad Internet Connection

When you cannot edit your Instagram post, the first thing you should look out for is your internet connection. Is it bad or good enough or just average? Since this also affects the quality of the video and photos you upload, it has a very high probability of giving you a tough time when you’re trying to edit your content.

The best thing to do when you’re experiencing a bad internet connection is to switch to airplane mode on your device, switch it on, and adjust your network settings by using WiFi with a strong data connection. Using your mobile device, you would have to move to an area with a better data connection.

Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

Unverified Instagram App Permissions

Another reason could be unverified Instagram app permission. If you don’t permit Instagram access to some features on your phone, you won’t be able to use the app properly or even edit photos using Instagram.

App permissions to your media, files, or even the photography of your mobile device need to be turned on for you to edit or upload posts on Instagram. But, if you have made some posts already, check if app permission or accessibility is still turned on to ensure it’s not experiencing a bug.

Unverified Instagram App Permissions

Accumulated Cache Files

If you have tried updating your app permissions and still can’t edit your posts, your next option is to clear your cache.

Launch the Instagram app and go to its settings; select the storage feature; you will find the “clear cache” option, and then click on that.

This allows you to delete accumulated and corrupted files on your phone that were downloaded while you were using the app. These corrupt files can cause a lag on your phone and apps, so deleting these cache files should make your apps run efficiently and fix the edit error problem on Instagram.

Clear Data And Cache Instagram

Old Instagram Version

Updating your Instagram version can be an effective way to deal with the error issue. You’re probably using an old version that doesn’t allow you to add some stickers, images, or characters to your post. These features may come off as unsupported.

To know if it’s time to update your Instagram to a new one, open the app store on your mobile device and check for recent updates and apps that have pending updates. You need an update if your Instagram falls under the pending apps category.

Update Button Instagram

Third-Party Apps

If you use third-party apps like Buffer to schedule posts, there is a high possibility that they can affect your app’s function. Sometimes these third-party apps override your app’s functions and make it hard for you to access the edit feature on your Instagram app.

Third-Party Apps Buffer

Asides from causing a lagging in your Instagram app, third apps are a security risk because they get access to your messages and scan through your contacts and chats with friends. They pose a big problem, so you should be careful when using them.

Low Storage Space

It is also possible for issues like this to arise due to insufficient storage space. If your phone lacks storage space, Instagram might fail to save your edited photos. As a result, you would need to free it up, which just takes a few seconds.

Do this by getting rid of non-essential and non-used apps. If you no longer need any of the documents, videos, or photos from your storage, you can delete them or attempt to transfer them to your desktop or cloud services. And when you are done with this, try again for an optimal experience.

Low Storage Space


Sometimes, apps like Instagram experience downtimes. It could be an issue with its server or a software glitch.

This downtime prevents some features on Instagram from working correctly. If you experience glitches when trying to access the app, you can confirm if there is downtime using Downdetector.

Downdetector Instagram

Once you notice that Instagram is down at that time, you would have to wait until it picks up and then try again.


These are possible reasons why your Instagram could be acting up, and you can’t edit your Instagram post. Overall, a few glitches could be responsible for this, but the most common out of the rest is having a bad internet connection.

If you need to, you can send a message to customer support on Instagram for some help, and they will respond to you accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete the caption of an existing Instagram post?

Tap the photo or video icon above on your phone’s screen – depending on which caption you want to delete. Then navigate to the “delete” button and click on that. Once you delete the caption, tap “done”, and that does it.

Can you add photos to an Instagram post after posting?

No, you can’t add photos to an Instagram post that has already been posted. You can only delete the post and create a new post with the pictures you would like to add.

How do I crop a photo on Instagram?

Navigate to the edit icon and click on it, followed by “adjust”. Then zoom in by touching the screen and pinching. Finally, adjust the photo’s placement within the frame by moving it.

How many pictures can you post on Instagram in a day?

There are no limits to the number of pictures you can post on Instagram. But you don’t want to post too much to bore your followers in that space.

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