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What Does GNS Mean on Snapchat

What Does Gns Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat users communicate using abbreviations that aren’t typically used on other social media applications. While most slang might seem familiar, some words are unique to Snapchat’s format.

Abbreviations specifically for Snapchat encourage user interaction and help maintain a great frequency of usage too. One very common abbreviation on Snapchat is GNS. If you’re wondering what does GNS mean on Snapchat, then continue reading to find out!

What Is GNS?

GNS stands for “good night streaks.” In the Snapchat world, this is one way to say goodnight. People often send each other snaps of the bed or themselves in their nightwear, telling their friends that it’s time for them to sleep.

Basically, another way of telling your friends on Snapchat that you are going to sleep is to send them a snap with a GNS caption.

What Does GNS Signify?

It signifies friendship. It means that you like to keep your friends updated with your regular sleeping schedule.

Of course, you can just tell your friends that you’re sleeping by simply dropping them a text. But the Snapchat way of doing it is by sending a GNS snap.

Why Do People Use GNS?

Good Night Streak

Sending good night snaps to your friends every day will help you maintain your score and will help you form a streak with the other person. When two people send snaps to each other consecutively for a few days, they maintain a streak.

All loyal Snapchat users know what maintaining a streak entails. It means that you are great friends with each other and like to share snippets of your day with each other on a daily basis.

Does GNS Mean Anything Else Too?

A common misconception is that GNS stands for “good night screenshots.” However, GNS only stands for good night streaks.

How To Reply When Someone Send You a GNS?

When someone sends you a GNS, you can reply to them by sending a GNS back, or you can just write “goodnight” or “sleep well.” Anything that indicates that you’re sleeping or you’re wishing them good night can work.


Abbreviations are commonly used on Snapchat. However, if you aren’t an avid user of the application, these might seem utterly confusing to you.

If you’re wondering what does GNS mean on Snapchat, then you should know that it stands for good night streak. Some people also think that it stands for good night screenshots, but that isn’t true. Moreover, if someone sends you a GNS, you can simply reply by sending a GNS back or texting them goodnight.

What does ‘SB’ mean on Snapchat?

‘SB’ is the abbreviation for ‘snap back.’ If someone sends you ‘SB,’ that means they want you to send a snap to them after they have sent you one.

What does ‘GMS’ mean on Snapchat?

‘GMS’ is commonly used on Snapchat for ‘good morning streak.’ If someone sends you a GMS, then that means that they are telling you that they have woken up.

What does ‘SFS’ mean on Snapchat?

‘SFS’ stands for ‘snap for snap.’ This means that it is an exchange of snaps between two people.

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