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What Does “BRB” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Brb&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

The use of slang on Snapchat is rapidly increasing, which makes conversations fun. While some are easy to guess and understand, others are like rocket science. But, you will be surprised to realize that most of the acronyms’ long forms are known to you. For instance, have you seen ‘BRB’ on snaps or inboxes on Snapchat?

Quick Answer

‘BRB’ is an acronym for ‘be right back.’ Pretty simple! It means that you have gone somewhere shortly and will be back. Sometimes, the sender can state how long they will take before using the abbreviation so that you know how long to wait.

In this article, you will learn more about the meaning of ‘BRB’ and how to use and reply to it appropriately. Stick around to find other meanings of the acronym, though they are hardly used on this platform.

What Is “BRB”?

‘BRB’ is the short form for “be right back.” If a Snapchat user sends you a snap or inbox with ‘BRB,’ it means that they are leaving the chat shortly but will be back. The “shortly” here is relative and could be between a few minutes and several hours.

It is a casual way of pausing or ending a conversation. The sender of the abbreviation might do it intentionally to snob you, or they will get back to you once they finish what they are doing.

This one isn’t as easy to guess as it looks. With similar letters in the beginning and end, it might be very challenging to demystify its extended form, especially among newbies.

It gets more confusing with the ‘R’ between the two ‘B’s. But this article is important to help you understand the meaning of ‘BRB.’

How Is “BRB” Used?

This one somehow fits into formal conversations but when used in its long form. You can use ‘BRB’ as an acronym in a one-on-one discussion or when speaking on the phone. It is a casual way of pausing or ending a conversation.

Genuinely, it is used to pause a conversation because you promise to get back once you finish what you are doing. But since these socials can be hectic with some weirdos, you sometimes look for ways of exiting a chat but have none.

You can use ‘BRB’ to end a conversation promising to get back, but in a real sense, you are entirely done with it. It is a fantastic escape, especially if you don’t want to block the other party.

It is often used alongside other words and sometimes on its own.

When To Use “BRB” on Snapchat?

‘BRB’ is a polite way of pausing/ending a conversation. See below some instances when you can use ‘BRB’ on Snapchat.

  • When something urgent comes up that you need to attend to in between a conversation with another person on Snapchat.
  • If you are bored with a discussion and want to end it politely but don’t hope to continue with it.
  • When you need to confirm details of something or someone that the other party has asked and is necessary for the conversation to keep flowing.

To avoid disappointment when someone texts you ‘BRB,’ find something else to do in the meantime. Even if they give a definite time for you to wait, anything could happen, and they take longer. You don’t want to be waiting 6 hours for someone who had promised to take 30 minutes and ‘BRB.’

How To Reply to “BRB” on Snapchat

When someone sends a snap or inbox with ‘BRB,’ you can reply with ‘K’ or ‘OK.’ The two are short forms for okay. If you feel courteous enough, you can say “Yes, thanks” or “OK, until then or until soon.”

Another relevant reply is “TYT,” which means take your time.

Other Meanings of “BRB”

Other possible meanings of ‘BRB’ are bathroom break, biometrics research branch, builders’ registration board, and Barbados. However, there are tens of long forms for this acronym.

Last Few Words

Your Snapchat chats don’t have to be boring when you can try new slang. If this is strange to you, introduce it one at a time. ‘BRB’ can be your first one, meaning you will be right back, even if you pause the chat for a few minutes.

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