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What Does “Based” Mean on Reddit?

What Does Based Mean Reddit

Have you ever been scrolling through Reddit and encountered the term “based” and didn’t know what it means?

We understand how confusing it gets when everyone is on-board with a given phrase, and you are the only one who doesn’t understand it.

Furthermore, “based” is not the only phrase with a hidden meaning on Reddit. This guide will help you understand what it means when someone says “based.”

Quick Answer

There are two main meanings of the word “based” on Reddit. First, one definition can be attributed to Lil B, a rapper, who defined “based” as a phrase to imply someone addicted to crack cocaine or someone who acts like they are addicted. Also, it could be used to show you don’t care about people’s thoughts and words about something about you.

We will explain what “based” means on Reddit. We will give examples of conversations where the phrase can be used for easy understanding. Also, we will check other common Reddit phrases and conclude with various questions users ask regarding Reddit terms.

What Does “Based” Mean on Reddit?

If you have no idea what a given slang means, you fail to flow with the conversation unless you look for its meaning online. There are two meanings of “based” on Reddit.

The origin of the term “based” is attributed to the rapper Lil B. He was famous for using the phrase, and during an interview, that’s when he explained what the phrase meant. He gave two explanations.

First, he stated that “based” was a term used to mean someone was addicted to crack cocaine or to act like they were addicted, yet they weren’t.

For instance, someone could comment, “I am based.” In this context, they tell you they are addicted to crack cocaine.

Also, someone can post something like, “Upvote if based.” Here, they are implying to give their post an upvote if you are addicted to crack cocaine.

Secondly, Lil B reclaimed the initial meaning of the term “based” by stating that a person could use it to show that they don’t care what people think about them. Here, the phrase can be used to brush off someone’s remarks about your body, swag, etc.

For instance, if someone commented, “Hey, dude. That hat is a miss on your attire. It sucks!” In such a case, you can comment, “Okay, based!”

Here, you’ve used “based” to show the person that their harsh comments don’t bother you and you don’t care what they think and say about your swag.

With the two meanings, you can now comfortably participate in a Reddit thread involving the use of “based” as you can understand what it means depending on the context where it has been used.

Other Common Reddit Phrases and Abbreviations

Reddit is home to many phrases, and it doesn’t hurt to note the below phrases.

  • TL;DR – It is used when someone views your post but finds it too long to read. In that case, they can use the phrase to imply your post was too long, and they didn’t read it.
  • TIL – means “today I learned” and is used when someone learns something new.
  • No Cap – It is used when someone wants to imply something is true, and they have no caption.
  • FOMO – It is used to mean “fear of missing out”.
  • BRB – It means “be right back” and is someone’s way of telling you they will get back to you.
  • DAE – It stands for “does anyone else” and is used to inquire if someone does something you’ve stated.


On Reddit, “based” has two meanings.

It could imply you are addicted to crack cocaine, or people’s thoughts and comments don’t bother you.

We’ve seen examples of how the phrase can be used on Reddit and the meaning depending on the context.

Also, we’ve seen other common Reddit phrases to take note of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Based” mean on Reddit?

“Based” has two meanings. First, it is used when someone wants to imply they are addicted to crack cocaine. Even people who pretend they are addicted also use the phrase. Secondly, “based” is used as a response to show you are not affected by someone’s comments about a given thing or words that mock you or your swag.

Who introduced “Based”?

The phrase “based” is attributed to a rapper, Lil B, who used it in his talks and posts until in an interview where he explained why he used the word and what it meant.

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