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What Does “1st” Mean on LinkedIn?

What Does 1St Mean On Linkedin

Users on LinkedIn use the platform to connect not just with people they know personally but also to make contacts with people they might not know personally.

As the LinkedIn network comprises various connections, you might wonder what the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd symbol next to a person means on LinkedIn.

Quick Answer

The 1st-degree connection on LinkedIn consists of your directly connected connections. In simpler words, 1st-degree connections are those who accept your connection request, or you accept theirs. 

The connections on LinkedIn are grouped as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, indicating how close you are to a particular member.

The categorization of connections on LinkedIn helps users to send or receive connection requests.

For further details and information regarding the 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn, continue reading the article.

1st Degree Connections on LinkedIn

The 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn include people or LinkedIn profiles with whom you are directly connected with. The connection is created by accepting the connection request. You could send the connection request to someone you want to connect with, and they can accept it or choose to ignore or cancel your request. 

1st-degree connections with users mean you can contact the connections directly by landing in their messages via inbox.

Furthermore, you can also access the contact information, including the email or phone number of your 1st-degree connections, from the contact info on their profile.

So, if you are looking forward to prospecting on LinkedIn, you should turn the connection to a first-degree connection to be able to access information.

How To Identify the Degree of Connections on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn has categorized the degree of connections, you might be wondering how to identify or differentiate between these degrees.

The degree of connection you have with a user on LinkedIn will show next to the contact name when you search for the user and depending on your degree of connection; you can choose the most suitable means to connect with them.

Visibility for LinkedIn Connections 

Your degree of connection on LinkedIn impacts the visibility of your profile information.

It means the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections will have different amounts of visibility or access to your profile information.

Visibility for 1st Degree Connections

1st-degree connections on your LinkedIn network have your complete profile information visible. They can view your profile email address and contact information if you have not hidden the information.

If your settings on LinkedIn are on default, then all profile information is visible to 1st-degree connections, and similarly, you can also view your 1st-degree connection’s profile information.

Visibility for 2nd Degree Connections

Since 2nd-degree connections are those with whom you have a mutual connection, they also have the visibility of your complete profile. However, 2nd-degree connections do not have access to your contact information such as email and phone number.

2nd-degree connections can not be sent messages, and you can not go through any of their private activities. Only their public activity will be visible to you.

Visibility for 3rd Degree Connections

3rd-degree connections on LinkedIn are those with whom you are not connected, and neither is anyone on your network. As the third degree of LinkedIn connection is quite far away, the visibility is also limited to a great extent.

The contact details will not be visible to a 3rd-degree connection. If you have access to LinkedIn premium or any shared groups with a 3rd-degree connection, you might be able to access only some information but still not all information.


The different visibility levels for the degrees of connection on the LinkedIn network ensure user safety on the platform.


LinkedIn has categorized connections based on a user’s interaction and the interaction of the user’s network.

The connections are namely 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, and you can view your degree of connection with a user through their profile. You will find that the number is written next to their name on the profile.

1st-degree connections are the ones you are directly connected to and have access to their profile information and contact information, unlike the other degrees of connection. A 1st-degree connection is created by accepting a connection request by either party.

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