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How To Tag Yourself in a Facebook Post?

How To Tag Youserlf In A Facebook Post

Facebook realizes the need to link users to content posted. Tagging makes Facebook’s user experience way better. It would not be easy to imagine a social media platform without this feature.

So, how do you tag yourself in a Facebook post?

Quick Answer

To tag yourself on a Facebook post:

1. Make a post or go to the existing post you wish to tag yourself.

2. Click the tag icon in the top right corner.

3. Click where you want to tag yourself and type your name.

If you want an explanation of how to tag yourself in a Facebook post, why it may be helpful, and how to undo it, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading the article!

Step-by-Step Guide To Tag Yourself in a Facebook Post

When you tag someone in a post, it appears on their timeline and yours. The development team at Facebook has made it very easy for users to achieve this goal. All you have to do is tap the tag symbol on your post. 

For more detailed instructions, read the steps below:

  1. Open Facebook on any device. Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Open the post you would like to tag yourself. Find A Post To Tag Yourself
  3. Click on the tag symbol in the top right corner of the post. Tag Symbol In The Top Right Corner
  4. Click anywhere on the photo or video you want your tag to appear. Click Anywhere On The Photo
  5. Type your name, and select yourself from the list. Type Your Name And Tag Yourself

Now you have inserted your tag in your or the other person’s post.

Good to Know

If you tag yourself in someone else’s post, whether your tag will show or not depends on the other user’s privacy settings. If they have allowed their friends or other users to tag themselves in their posts, your tag will show automatically and instantly. But if their settings don’t allow this, it will send a request to the user whose post it is. 

Untagging Yourself From a Post

Linking your profile to a post is an excellent option if you’re into networking. However, if you want to keep your stuff private, you can always change your mind and untag yourself from a post at any time. 

Or suppose you accidentally tagged yourself on the wrong post and want to undo it. In that case, Facebook gives you the option for that, too, for which you will not have to delete your post entirely.

Here are the steps to untag yourself from a Facebook post:

  1. Open Facebook on your preferred device. Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Find and open the post you tagged yourself in. Find A Post To Tag Yourself
  3. Tap the tag icon in the top right corner of the post. Tap The Tag Icon
  4. Click the “x” button next to your name on a PC, or tap on your name, and then on “x” on mobile devices. Click The X Button Next To Your Name

Untagging will not delete or affect the post in any way; just your tag will be removed.

2 Ways Tagging Is Useful

Tagging is a handy feature on Facebook that helps solve many dilemmas faced while using a social media site. Here are a few benefits of tagging yourself.

Identifying Yourself in a Group

Sometimes you post a group photo and want people to know where you are in this post. Or you post a collaboration with multiple people and want people to know your role. You might want to tag yourself in a post for many other reasons. 

Maybe your friends posted a picture with you in it and forgot to tag you. Or they could not find your account, or perhaps they tagged the wrong user with a similar name. In this case, you would want to tag yourself so people can identify you and it may also show on your timeline.

Increasing Your Reach

When starting or keeping a business, tagging yourself in a post is a perfect way to promote your business and the services you may offer. 

When your post gets promoted and spreads on various user timelines, it gives everyone who interacts with your post a way to link it back to your original profile. From there, they can contact you. They can also share your post, which will appear on your timeline! 

It will also notify you whenever someone comments and shares.


This guide is helpful for all types of Facebook users. Small business owners trying to advertise their business or a friend group upload their shared memories.

It can be someone trying to stay updated on a post or even getting involved in a group activity. Respond below and tell us your reasons for wanting to tag yourself on a post. Happy Tagging!


Can I tag myself in anyone’s post?

If their privacy settings allow it or they approve your tag, you can.

Can I tag myself in a comment?

You can tag yourself in a comment. Doing this will allow you to receive updates on everyone who reacts or comments on the post. 

To do this, you must type the “@” button, and a list will appear. Continue to type your name and choose your profile from the drop-down menu.

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