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What Does “12” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does “12” Mean On Snapchat

In a group chat, you are talking to people, and someone suddenly says, “12.” You honestly don’t know what that means. Is it related to numerology? Are they referring to someone’s age? Is that the number of months in a year?

You asked them, “What does ’12’ mean?” but they can’t seem to answer it – at least not in the chat. Here is what “12” means on Snapchat – and in general.

Quick Answer

“12” is mainly connected to drug enforcement officers, but it’s a slang term for the police. And if someone says it, they are probably saying indirectly that the police are coming or that they are being watched. It has an opposite meaning to the “12” in numerology, which is harmony. “12” on Snapchat is most likely connected to chaos.

Nonetheless, “12” is also being used by some police officers, and to them, it refers to a criminal or a person who has the potential to do unlawful activities. Either way, it is a secret code for the bad guys or gals — from their perspective.

Now, what does it mean when it is said on Snapchat? Does that mean that the police are going to examine their conversations? Not necessarily!

This article will cover what “12” means on Snapchat and show some other meanings.

What Does “12” Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat isn’t being monitored by the police or other law enforcers because it is against the law to look into someone’s online activities for no reason and without their consent. But when you see “12” on Snapchat, the meaning could be related to the police.

Maybe that person is talking about something about them but doesn’t want to directly say the word “police.”

It could also be used to warn someone to watch their words. Did you know that it violates Snapchat’s community guidelines to use the platform for illegal activities? You can read their community guidelines here, but it is indicated there that users aren’t allowed to buy and sell illegal drugs on the platform.

As mentioned earlier, “12” is used to warn anyone about drug enforcement officers. If someone says that to you on Snapchat, that person may be telling you to keep quiet about your illegal dealings with others because Snapchat may catch you and ban you from the platform and even actually call the police to put you in jail.

You might wonder, “When did people start referring to the police as 12?” People are telling different stories about this.

Some say it started in 1968 when a show about the police titled Adam-12 aired. But others say it is connected to “10-12,” which is the police radio code that means “stand by.” The slang “12” is very common in the southern part of the United States. A lot of rappers also include it in their rap lyrics.

Other Meanings of “12” on Snapchat

However, if you know that you and the person you are talking with aren’t involved in any illegal activities or that whatever you are doing or talking about doesn’t violate any rules, it could mean something else.

Firstly, Snapchat complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), so the minimum age required to be allowed to create a Snapchat account is 13, with access to limited features.

If you are 12 and below, you won’t be able to sign up — and you shouldn’t fake your birthday, as you will face some unpleasant consequences once Snapchat discovers.

Now, if we base the meaning of “12” on numerology, it could be that the person is talking about harmony, balance, self-expression, creativity, individualism, and so on. Numbers have a lot of meanings, so if you are sure that the “12” they are talking about relates to numerology, ask them what it means to them specifically.

“12” can also mean the total number of months in a year, someone’s birthday, the number after 11, the number before 13, or someone’s Snapchat score. It depends on the context.


It is not common for someone to refer to the police as “12” on Snapchat (they will most likely say “police” straightforwardly). Still, you may encounter someone who does that, so it’s good to know that the number 12 is the number of the police, especially in the United States.

But even though it’s the most popular meaning, it could mean a different thing, depending on what is being discussed. When talking about lucky numbers and spirituality, you should look into the spiritual meaning of “12” (numerology). If you are talking about someone’s birthday, “12” may be a day in a particular month. If you are talking about Snapchat, it could be a Snapchat score.

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