What Are Good YouTube Names?

What Are Good Youtube Names

A YouTube name helps make your channel stand out; anyone interacting with your content will see the name. When creating a YouTube channel, you add a name to associate your channel with.

This name is your brand and personality; you can get creative with whichever term you use. How do you select a good YouTube name?

Quick Answer

When choosing a YouTube name, focus on your brand. The name must align with your brand and your channel’s personality. Moreover, it should be unique and creative. Still, the title should be easy to remember and type to make it convenient for anyone to search and find your channel. There is no specific good name for a YouTube channel. However, focusing on a name representing your personality and brand will give you a good YouTube name.

We will cover YouTube naming to understand why it matters and explain what it means to have a good YouTube name. Moreover, we will give a few examples of different naming options you can use to help you come up with a suitable name for your case.

Does a YouTube Name Matter?

Yes, it does. You can sign into YouTube and create a YouTube channel for free with a Google account. Among the details you add when creating the YouTube channel is the name. The channel’s character acts as the handle for your track and is the first thing visitors and viewers will see when accessing your channel’s page.

As a content creator, you must know how best to strategize your channel to make the best out of it. As part of the strategy, you must know how to come up with a YouTube name.

A good YouTube name offers different benefits, including the following:

  • The channel’s name is your brand.
  • A good name is accessible to remember, increasing your channel’s visibility.
  • The YouTube name is your channel’s handle and can be used to search for your channel. YouTube has the track handle as part of a channel’s profile link.

The bottom line is that getting a good YouTube name goes a long way in growing your brand. Hence, it would be best if you took the time to decide on what word to use and stick to it.

What Are Good YouTube Names?

When choosing what name to use for your YouTube channel, a few things must be considered to ensure all works out. Below are a few considerations when deciding what a good YouTube name should be.

Know Your Brand

A YouTube channel is your brand. Thus, your channel’s name should be your brand name. That way, people will easily associate it with others.

For instance, if you have a website, you can use the same name for your YouTube channel for convenience and to properly represent your brand’s identity.

Understand Your Niche

What niche is your channel about? You must know what content you wish to share on your track and use the same in your naming. For instance, if you plan to create lyrics, you can add lyrics as part of your name.

Keep It Short

A YouTube channel’s name should be something short and easy to remember. So, when deciding what name to use, think of a short name that anyone can easily remember and type to access your channel. Please keep it simple to increase your channel’s visibility.

When you consider the three factors in selecting what name to use for your channel, you will quickly come up with a good YouTube name. The goal is to represent your brand, niche and keep it simple. The result is a good YouTube name to help grow your channel and increase its visibility and engagement.


YouTube names are crucial and go a long way for anyone looking to grow their channel while representing their brand. Your name is your identity, and then decide what is a good name for your channel, consider your brand’s identity and niche, and keep the naming simple. You need the three to come up with a good YouTube name.

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