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How To Send a Picture in a Private Message on Reddit?

How To Send A Picture In A Private Message On Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform divided into different communities or subreddits.

These subreddits are based on various topics, and you can subscribe to the ones that interest you.

If you’re thinking about sending pictures in a private message to someone on Reddit, you’ll need to know how.

The good news is that Redditors can start sharing images in chat using the new in-built media service on the platform.

So, how to go about it?

Quick Answer

To do that, go to the chat option and head straight to your DMs to select the recipient you intend to send a private message. After that, tap the camera icon in the bottom left of the chat screen to launch an image gallery where you can select images. You can select up to eight images at once and only send PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. 

You must know several things about sending pictures in a Private Message on Reddit. Hence, in this guide, we’ll explain how to send an image in a Private Message on Reddit. Bearing that in mind, let’s kick things off!

Reddit’s New Image Uploading Service

Reddit has recently launched its new image-uploading service. Users can now upload photos, GIFs, and videos up to 20 megabytes in size.

In addition, Reddit intends to stop compressing images and will not delete photos that violate the site’s content policies. If you need to upload larger images, use Imgur or another third-party image hosting service.

Although Reddit will continue to allow users to upload photos to Imgur and other third-party services, many users may now use the platform’s image-hosting service.

This service could help divert traffic from third-party services, allowing users to utilize the platform entirely.

Why Might You Want To Send Pictures in a Private Message on Reddit?

You might want to send pictures in a private message on Reddit for several reasons; for example:

  • You might want to share a funny meme with a friend.
  • You might want to show off a new purchase.

Whatever the reason, sending pictures in a private message is easy and can add an extra layer of fun to your conversation.

How To Send Pictures in a Private Message on Reddit?

If you’re looking to send a picture in a private message on Reddit, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, ensure that your message’s recipient has authorized you to do so.

This can be done by checking their account settings – if they’ve allowed direct messages from anyone, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll need to request permission from them before proceeding.

Once you have the go-ahead from the recipient, you can proceed with the steps below.

Sending Pictures in a Private Message on PC

Here’s how to send pictures in a Reddit private message on a desktop:

  1. Navigate to Reddit on your favorite browser.Open Reddit On Browser
  2. Click on the chat icon at the top.Click On The Chat Icon
  3. Create a new chat or select the existing one.Create A New Chat Or Select The Existing One
  4. Tap on the camera icon next to the text field.Tap On The Camera Icon
  5. Select the image(s) you wish to send and click “Open.”Select The Images
  6. Press Enter or click the arrow icon.Click The Arrow Icon

If you’re sending a picture from your device, make sure it’s saved in a standard file format such as JPG or PNG. These formats will display correctly on most devices, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Also, remember that you need to send at least one text message before you can send pictures on Reddit.

Sending Pictures in a Private Message on a Mobile Device

If you prefer using Reddit on your mobile device, follow these steps to send a picture in a private message:

  1. Open the Reddit app on your mobile device.Launch The Reddit App
  2. Tap the “Chat” tab at the bottom.Tap The Chat Icon
  3. Open an existing chat or create a new one.Open An Existing Chat
  4. Tap the camera icon in the bottom left corner.Tap The Camera Icon In The Bottom Left Corner
  5. Select the pictures and tap the “Add” button in the top right corner.Select The Pictures And Tap The Add Button

Sending a picture in a private message on Reddit is the easiest way to get a message read by other Redditors. Reddit has made it easy already with its newly integrated media service that authorizes users to upload pictures directly from the platform rather than using a third-party app for assistance.


Sending pictures in private messages on Reddit is a great way to share photos with friends or family members.

It’s easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

Open the chat to which you want to send the photos and tap the camera icon at the bottom.

Finally, choose your images and send them.


Is it possible to send images through Reddit chat?

Reddit allows you to attach images to chat. Click on the camera icon located in the bottom-left corner. Tap send after selecting the image you want to send. It’s worth noting that to attach a photo from your gallery; you must grant access to it.

Is it possible to change the theme of the chat section?

You can find the theme of the chat section in the chat settings section. Tap the three dots in the chat’s upper-right corner. Then, select ‘Theme.’ You can choose a theme from the options provided and click on it.

Is it possible to send emojis on Reddit?

Reddit users can use emojis and stickers in chat. The Reddit emojis can be found in the message text box of the current conversation. Tap the smiley face icon and tap on the sticker to send it to the recipient. You can also use the emojis that are available on your keyboard.

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