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How To Hide Trending on Facebook

How To Hide Trending On Facebook

Facebook has millions of users, which means you can find plenty of information on Facebook. Part of the information includes trending topics.

The downside is that Facebook can also be a source of fake news; if you are not keen, you can fall victim to it.

Are you looking for how to hide trending on Facebook? Read on to discover more about it.

Quick Answer

Trending was a feature that Facebook introduced to help users easily interact with trending topics on Facebook. However, the feature lacked popularity, and Facebook removed it. However, if you still have the trending feature on your Facebook, we will offer a solution that users use to get rid of it, hopefully working for your case.

We will start by discussing what trending on Facebook means. Next, we will discuss why Facebook removed the feature and present a method that worked in hiding the trending feature on Facebook. Moreover, we will discuss questions asked by users about trending on Facebook.

What Does “Trending” Mean on Facebook?

Facebook is a platform where people connect and share what’s on their minds. Besides, you can follow various pages to keep up with the latest news or details regarding a given topic. Alternatively, you can follow someone’s profile and stay updated whenever they post something to their Facebook timeline.

Trending was a feature introduced by Facebook in 2014. The feature enabled Facebook users to check the most trending topics on their Facebook account at the top. On your Facebook homepage, there was an icon for trending, and clicking on it would display the most trending topics for the day, including events and conversations.

Under trending, you could see the topic followed by a blurb summing up the trending story. Clicking on it would give more details, and you could filter the trending topics based on the category. However, Facebook removed the feature in 2018 for various reasons, including the following.

It Worked Against Facebook

As a platform, Facebook faced multiple scrutinies, and the more people talked about the issues affecting Facebook, the more such topics became trending. Facebook perceived this as a move that acted against them as they could receive multiple negative impressions and ended up eliminating the feature.

Source of Fake News

Facebook is known for fake news. Trending displayed the most discussed topics; in some cases, it was fake news. Unfortunately, fake news spreads fast and can be disastrous. Due to this, Facebook had to remove the trending feature.

It Didn’t Benefit Everyone

Unfortunately, the trending feature was not available in all regions. In the few areas where the feature had been introduced, legitimate news publishers received lesser clicks for their posts as people shifted to source news from trending. Not prioritizing authentic news was a blow to publishers, and Facebook had to act on it.

The above reasons are why Facebook ended up removing the trending feature on Facebook.

How To Hide Trending on Facebook

Facebook now displays news through your Facebook feed, depending on the pages you follow.

Nonetheless, let’s see the most straightforward way people used whenever they needed to hide “trending” on their Facebook.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Open Facebook on your browser.
  2. On another tab, search for FB Purity extension and add it to your chrome.
  3. Once the extension gets installed, refresh the tab on your Facebook page.
  4. FB Purity will clean the page removing junk information, including trending topics.
  5. You will get prompted whether to remove trending and by clicking “Ok”, you will hide trending on Facebook.

Using the FB Purity extension is the best way of maintaining a well-organized and neat Facebook page. The steps above guide you on how to use FB Purity with your Facebook page to hide trending.


Trending is no longer available on Facebook.

However, the feature allowed users to interact with trending topics and discussions.

You could use the extension presented in this guide to eliminate trending by hiding it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was trending introduced on Facebook?

Trending was introduced in 2014 to allow Facebook users to keep a tab on the trending topics on the platform. However, trending is no longer available on Facebook. Instead, you can get the trending topics from your Facebook Feed depending on the accounts and pages that you follow on Facebook.

How can someone hide trending on Facebook?

To hide trending on Facebook, people use FB Purity, a chrome extension that cleans Facebook pages by removing ads and other junk. Moreover, it gives the option to hide the trending feature on Facebook. Using it, you can hide trending on Facebook.

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