What Does Timer Mean on WhatsApp?

What Does Timer Mean On Whatsapp

Knowledge is power and staying informed about the different features, and what they mean, or the common icons you can meet when using WhatsApp is an added advantage.

As a WhatsApp user, you will likely see the timer icon at some point, and unless you know what the symbol means, you may miss getting the intended meaning.

Are you curious to know what the timer means on WhatsApp? Read on to find out!

Quick Answer

There are two instances when you may see the timer symbol on WhatsApp.

When you see the timer after sending a message to your WhatsApp friend, it means there is an issue with your network connectivity, and your message has not been sent to the target person. When you resolve the network, the timer symbol will disappear.

If you see the timer on someone’s profile. It means they have enabled the disappearing feature on WhatsApp.

This guide will cover all the details about the timer on WhatsApp. We will understand what it means when it appears in a chat and when you see it next to someone’s profile icon.

What Does Timer Mean on WhatsApp?

Billions of users widely use WhatsApp. Once you download and install the application, you can register with your phone number to use the application.

You probably understand the different symbols used on WhatsApp, such as the blue tick but have no idea what the timer means when used.

Worry not. Let’s dig in on what the timer means when used on WhatsApp.

When Used in a Chat

When messaging someone, you may notice the timer icon next to the message you shared with your friend.

When you see the timer icon in such a case, it implies an issue with your network. Mostly, it could be a network failure hindering your sending of messages.

Hence, the timer icon here implies that your message has not been successfully shared.

Therefore, you must resolve your internet connection for the message to get. Such a case is common when you send a message but have not enabled Wi-Fi or cellular data on your phone.

To fix this issue, activate your data subscription or connect to Wi-Fi. Once you do, your message will be sent, and the timer icon will be removed.

When Used in WhatsApp Profile

When messaging someone on WhatsApp, you may notice their profile has a timer icon next to it. Still, you could have seen the timer icon next to the group’s picture.

In such a case, the timer icon represents the disappearing message feature.

WhatsApp introduced a disappearing feature, such that when someone activates it, any messages you exchange with them will disappear within the set time.

For instance, setting 24 hours means all your messages will be wiped out after 24 hours. The disappearing feature is one way of enhancing privacy on WhatsApp.

Here’s how to enable the disappearing message feature:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application. Whatsapp App On Mobile
  2. Find the person you want to activate the disappearing messages for. Select The Chat On Chats Screen Whatsapp
  3. Click on their profile picture. Click On Their Profile Picture.
  4. Scroll down and click on the “Disappearing Messages” option to enable it. Click On The Disappearing Messages Option
  5. Choose the duration for the disappearing messages. Choose The Duration

Once you’ve enabled this feature, you will notice a timer icon next to that person’s profile icon.

The same timer icon you see on the profile will appear when the other person views your profile or when messaging you, and they will know that you’ve enabled the disappearing feature.


WhatsApp displays the timer symbol to imply two things.

First, it could mean there is a network issue hindering the sharing of messages.

Secondly, the timer means someone has enabled the disappearing messages feature. This post has explained the two instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Timer mean on WhatsApp?

When it appears next to a WhatsApp message, it means you have a network issue affecting the sending of the message. When it appears next to someone’s profile picture or group icon, it means the disappearing message feature has been enabled.

What happens when the “Disappearing message” is enabled?

The messages shared in the conversation will disappear after the set time, and the conversation will start new. However, messages shared before enabling the disappearing message feature won’t be affected.

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