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How To Unsuspend Your TikTok Account?

How To Unsuspend Your Tiktok Account

I am sure you are here because TikTok might have suspended your account. Why else would you want to search for the solution?

You tried for months to grow your TikTok, and things finally started making sense to find one day, TikTok suspended your account. This suspension could result from any of your violations or TikTok’s mistake.

If that has happened to you and you feel frustrated and angry, you can appeal to TikTok to unsuspend your account.

TikTok can suspend your account temporarily and permanently. In either case, you can file an appeal.

Quick Answer

You can appeal by filling out the ‘Share Your Feedback’ form and explaining why your suspension was unjustified. You can also appeal through email to the TikTok official support team. Similarly, in case of temporary suspensions, you can also appeal directly by locating the suspension notification, tapping on “Appeal,” and submitting a request. You can also appeal through the ‘Report a problem’ option on the TikTok app.

So, let’s learn more about getting your TikTok account resuspended.

Why TikTok Suspended Your Account?

Before diving in, let me tell you one thing: I can relate. I have had my Facebook account banned (never TikTok, though), so the point is it is frustrating when this happens.

It is particularly infuriating for those who worked hard to build and grow their profiles.

To be fair, TikTok might have suspended your account because you breached its community guidelines.

TikTok wants to create a community of creative people who celebrate inclusivity, diversity, safety, and authenticity. So, these guidelines help TikTok to achieve those goals.

So, violations of these guidelines one or multiple times can lead to suspension of your account. Your punishment will match your offense.

Sometimes, TikTok can leave you with just a warning or limit your content reach. In the worst case, it will suspend your account.

There are 13 categories of violations thoroughly defined in TikTok community guidelines.

What Happens When I Breach TikTok Community Guidelines?

When TikTok finds you in violation (someone reported you or TikTok itself found your content inappropriate), its safety team will review your content.

It will see which of the 13 Community Guidelines your video violated. It will also see the severity and frequency of violations before determining your punishment. Your penalties will depend on the frequency and severity of offenses.

For example, if you are under 13, then it will permanently ban your account. You can also get your account permanently suspended if you post violent content, conduct illegal activities, threaten, harass, and promote self-harm activities on TikTok.


TikTok can suspend your account by mistake. It might misinterpret your video and punish you. So, if you are sure TikTok has mistakenly punished you, be sure to report it and put your case to them.

Different Kinds of TikTok Bans

There are two kinds of bans — temporary and permanent. If it is a temporary ban, TikTok will notify you and lift it after some time.

Permanent bans are permanent suspensions of your TikTok accounts. TikTok imposes permanent bans when it finds any user violating community guidelines (especially zero-tolerance ones) on multiple accounts. 

Temporary bans can last for 24 hours to a week. TikTok can limit your ability to upload any content on TikTok as a penalty. Similarly, TikTok can restrict your account to a view-only experience for 72 hours a week.

TikTok can also issue a shadowban for your account.

What Is a Shadowban on TikTok?

Shadowban is a soft ban on TikTok that limits the reach of your TikTok video. This ban will prevent your video from reaching a larger audience on TikTok’s For You Page (FYP) or under tags.

Shadowban will limit engagement in your video. TikTok can impose a shadowban if it finds you trying to promote your content through excessive hashtags or if your content includes some dangerous activities (stunts or sports), graphics, sexual, and low-quality content.

TikTok can also shadowban you if it has found you gaining fake followers, bots engagement, or using VPNs.

What To Do When TikTok Suspends Your Account?

You need to appeal to TikTok if your punishment is unjustified. There are a few ways you can file an appeal. Let’s discuss them.

Make an Appeal To Get Your Account Unsuspended by TikTok

As we have already explained, if you believe TikTok has unjustly banned your account or your punishment is more severe than you deserve, you can appeal to TikTok to unsuspend your account.

There are some ways you can file an appeal to TikTok to unsuspend your account.

Method #1: Appeal Through the Share Your Feedback Form

Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device.Launch Your Tiktok Android Mobile App
  2. You will get a pop-up telling you your account has been permanently banned. Tap “Appeal.”
  3. You can also access the Share your feedback form.You Can Also Access The Share Your Feedback Form.
  4. Fill out the form, put all your details — email address, TikTok username, and reasons why you think they should unsuspend you. You can also include screenshots to support your argument.Fill Out The Form, Put All Your Details
  5. Click on “Submit” to file the appeal.Click On Submit To File The Appeal.

Now, wait for the TikTok team to review the matter and get back to you with their response.

In case of temporary suspension, you can get your account back after a few days or file an appeal. You can file an appeal by locating the suspension message in your TikTok Inbox.

Now, tap on the “Appeal” button to request the appeal.

Before appealing, be sure that you have not violated any community guidelines. Be patient; the appeal process might take a few days, even months. You can create a new TikTok account and start from scratch if you have no patience.

Additional Method

You can also file an appeal in case of permanent suspension by creating a new TikTok account. Sign up for a new TikTok account, but use all the information of the suspended account.

Enter your suspended account email or phone number; TikTok will tell you this email or phone number is already in use. It will ask you to log in to that account.

Upon entering your password, you will be intimated this account is suspended in a pop-up. This pop-up will allow you to file an appeal against the suspension. File the appeal with reasons solidifying your case.

Method #2: Use the Report a Problem Option

You can appeal via the ‘Report a Problem’ option if there is a temporary suspension or shadowban of your account; follow these steps:

  1. Open TikTok on your mobile device.Launch Your Tiktok Android Mobile App
  2. Tap the “Profile” tab in the bottom right corner.Profile Tab Tiktok
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner.Three Line Menu Setting Tiktok
  4. Select “Settings and privacy.”Settings And Privacy On Tiktok
  5. Scroll down and select “Report a problem” under “Support.”Report A Problem Section
  6. Select an issue and tap on “Need more help?.”Tap On Need More Help
  7. Write your feedback; you can attach screenshots or a video.Write Your Feedback With Screenshots Or A Video.
  8. Tap the “Submit” button at the bottom.Tap The Submit Button At The Bottom.

In this section, all you have to do is meticulously compose your appeal. Jot down your problem with all your details and how much this suspension has caused distress in your life.

Within 1 to 3 days, the TikTok support team will respond to you.

Method #4: File Your Appeal Via Email

You can compose your appeal and email it to all the relevant TikTok support team addresses. Be sure to comprehensively describe the matter along with your username, the date of the ban, and the reasons.

Attach the necessary files to support your argument.

Send the email and wait for their reply. Generally, the TikTok team is prompt and gives fast responses.

The relevant email addresses to send your appeal are:

The Wrap-up

TikTok can suspend your account temporarily or permanently if it finds you violating any Community Guidelines one or many times.

The severity of the crime determines its penalty. This article discussed the kinds of TikTok suspensions and what can make TikTok suspend your account. 

You can file an appeal to TikTok to lift their ban on your account. You can appeal by filling out the ‘Share your feedback’ form on TikTok.

You can also email the TikTok support team and explain why you think the ban is unjustified. You can also report a problem on the TikTok app or directly appeal via suspension message in case of temporary suspension.

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