How Much Data Is on YouTube?

How Much Data Is On Youtube

YouTube has grown into a giant platform where numerous videos are uploaded every minute. The main concern with users is the storage of YouTube.

But considering YouTube is owned by Google, a giant company with sophisticated algorithms, data storage cannot be a big issue. So, what is the size of data stored on YouTube?

Quick Answer

The latest YouTube statistics indicate that more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Considering videos differ in length, 500 hours make up vast data sizes. The enormous number of users searching for content on YouTube monthly has encouraged the number of data uploaded on YouTube.

This article has explained the amount of data stored on YouTube, how much data you need to upload videos on YouTube, and the technology YouTube uses to store data. Let’s start!

How Much Data Is on YouTube?

YouTube is the platform that has indicated more than 2 billion users searching for content monthly. The rise in demand for YouTube content has encouraged creators to continue producing more content.

When creating content on YouTube, you may wonder how much data has been stored on YouTube and how far YouTube can go as much as storage is concerned.

Recent statistics indicate that YouTube users upload at least 500 hours of content on YouTube every minute. Consistent channels add videos at least twice a week, which has increased the amount of data stored on YouTube.

There is no exact amount of data stored on YouTube, but between 2014 and 2020, the amount of data increased by 40%. The increasing data shows that YouTube is constantly growing and will continue.

How Much Data Is Used on YouTube?

YouTube requires data to watch videos and upload content. You will need a lot of data when you want to watch high-quality videos. Thus, the amount of data used depends on the quality of the videos you are watching.

If you watch a video’s lowest quality, you will require 0.1 GB of data per hour. On the other hand, you will need approximately 4 GB of data per hour to watch videos of the highest quality on YouTube. The amount of data and quality ratio are indicated below.

  • 0.1 GB per hour for 144p
  • 0.3 GB per hour for 240p
  • 0.7 GB per hour for 360p
  • 1 GB per hour for 480p
  • 2.5 GB per hour for 720p
  • 4 GB per hour for 1080p
  • 7 GB per hour for 4K

The above data usage is approximate and may vary depending on the internet connection and the video you watch. Moreover, other things, like your Operating System and the browser, may affect the amount of data you use on YouTube.

Where Does YouTube Store Videos?

YouTube has continued to grow, with new users every day. Moreover, established content creators have continued to produce more content on the platform.

Because of the growing content, many people may be concerned about the storage mechanism used by YouTube. Google, a giant company on the frontline regarding technology, acquired YouTube.

Google has ensured it uses a distributed file system, using business-grade hard drives. Google generates a lot of revenue from advertisements, and it is no wonder it can afford to offer as much storage as its users need.

Moreover, with the development of compression techniques and algorithms, Google cannot run out of space. YouTube videos are compressed when stored, allowing large volumes of videos to be stored.

Technology continues to advance, and Google can certainly develop ways of making storage cheaper with time, ensuring storage is always available.


YouTube is a recognized platform that stores massive data on its servers. Because of the increased demand for data, it has received more creators producing more data.

Moreover, YouTube is expected to continue growing its users and content. If you want more details regarding the amount of data stored on YouTube and how much it will cost to watch content on the platform, read this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will YouTube run out of storage space?

YouTube uses a distributed file system to store videos in a compressed format. Through compression, huge data volumes can be stored, facilitating the storage of many videos. Thus, it is almost impossible for YouTube to run out of storage space.

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