How To Transcribe a YouTube Video

How To Transcribe A Youtube Video

YouTube offers plenty of informative videos. Whether you want to learn something or create fun watching videos, YouTube offers numerous videos to keep you occupied.

Aside from watching YouTube videos, you may wish to interact with the video’s transcripts for different reasons. Besides, it’s an excellent way of increasing engagement. How do you transcribe a YouTube video?

Quick Answer

The first way to transcribe a YouTube video is using the free tool. Find the particular video and play it. Click the three lines below it and click the “Show transcripts” option to transcribe the video automatically. If that doesn’t work, use Google Docs to transcribe the video. Open Google Docs and enable the “Voice typing” feature and open the YouTube video, start recording, and play the video to transcribe it. Lastly, use third-party tools and extensions.

We first understand why transcribing videos is essential. Next, we discuss three options you can use to transcribe YouTube videos. Let’s begin!

Why Transcribe YouTube Videos?

Transcribing a YouTube video refers to converting the video’s audio into text. Listening to the video as you transcribe it is tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, there are better and more automated ways of transcribing YouTube videos.

Transcribing YouTube videos offer different benefits.

  • By transcribing the YouTube video, you can follow along with what is being said if you are hearing impaired.
  • A transcribed video has more engagement. People enjoy having various ways of interacting with YouTube videos. Hence, adding the video’s transcripts enhances the video’s engagement.
  • Suppose you own a website; transcribing the YouTube video aids in enhancing your SEO to help you rank better on search engines. Besides, many people mute videos when watching them. In that case, they can use the transcripts to interact with the video.

The bottom line is that transcribing a YouTube video is a great option. If you are a viewer, you can transcribe the video for comfort.

As the content creator, you can transcribe the video when you want to add its transcripts on YouTube. Let’s move on to see different transcribing options.

How To Transcribe a YouTube Video

When you are ready to transcribe a YouTube video, you can use three main options. We will discuss each method and the steps to follow. You can try each method to see which works best for your case.

Method #1: Use YouTube “Show Transcript” Option

Some YouTube videos come with transcripts. If your target video has transcripts, you will get an option to view it.

In some cases, the transcripts are automatically generated by YouTube. Hence, they are not always accurate, and you can’t edit the text unless you copy it to another location and edit them.

  1. Open YouTube on your device.
  2. Find the target video you wish to access for its transcripts.
  3. Below the video, find three dots and click on them.
  4. Click the “Show transcript” option.
  5. The video’s transcript will appear on the right.

If the video has no transcripts, you won’t see this option and must try the next methods below.

Method #2: Use Google Docs

Google Docs supports transcribing videos at no cost. It comes with a voice typing feature that listens to any audio on Chrome and transcribes it.

  1. Open your Chrome browser and access Google Docs.
  2. Start a new document by clicking the plus icon.
  3. Click “Tools” at the top.
  4. Locate “Voice typing” and click on it.
  5. Open another browser window and access YouTube.
  6. Find the particular video you want to transcribe.
  7. For convenience, split your screen with these two windows open.
  8. With the two windows open, click the speak button on Google Docs to start recording.
  9. On the YouTube video, click the play button to start transcribing it.

Google Docs will automatically start transcribing the video’s audio until it plays to the end.

Method #3: Use Third-Party Options

Numerous third-party tools offer transcribing services. Most tools come as an extension, while others are online web platforms that let you upload the video you want to transcribe and start transcribing it.

A quick online search will give the various third-party options, paid and non-paid, that you can use.


We’ve seen why transcribing YouTube videos is essential. Still, we’ve covered three transcribing options you can use. Try them out!

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