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How To Minimize Messenger Chat Box

How To Minimize Messenger Chat

You can open the Messenger tab and message your friend when on Facebook.

When you go back to your feeds to view what people have shared on Messenger, when a new message pops up, it will open a chat box.

If you don’t minimize this chat box, it will fill up your screen and become a distraction, especially if the person sends more messages without your replies.

Luckily, there is a way of minimizing this Messenger chat box.

Quick Answer

Minimizing the Messenger chat box is best done when using Facebook on the website. So, open your browser and access your Facebook account from the website. Once logged in, tap on the chat gear icon at the bottom of the chat window to open settings. Next, click the “Turn Off Chat” window to remove the chat box. Alternatively, minimize the chat box by clicking on the “Hide Sidebar” option.

This guide details what the Messenger chat box is. Next, we will cover the steps for minimizing the Messenger chat box and conclude with frequently asked questions about the Messenger chat box.

What Is the Messenger Chat Box?

Facebook is an instant messaging platform for mobile app and browser versions. Facebook connects friends globally, and you can chat with friends, including sharing files. To chat with a friend, you can connect with them on Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is an application provided by Facebook to facilitate convenient connecting and chatting with Facebook friends. So, you can use the Messenger application instead of chatting with someone on Facebook.

When you don’t connect with someone on the Messenger application, when they message you, the message will appear in a chat box on Facebook. The Messenger integration on the Facebook website will open a chat box for you to reply to the sent message.

The main drawback is that the chat box blocks other details on the Facebook window and can quickly distract you from your activities. In that case, knowing how to minimize the chat box is beneficial.

How To Minimize Messenger Chat Box

Are you tired of the Messenger chat box blocking the view of your Facebook?

Whenever a new message pops up, the Messenger chat box will open on the Facebook website, blocking and distracting your view. You don’t have to stay annoyed throughout.

There is a way of minimizing this Messenger chat box or turning it off.

Use the below steps:

  1. Open a web browser on your device and visit Facebook’s website.
  2. Login into your Facebook account.
  3. Locate the chat gear icon at the bottom of the chat window and click on it.
  4. Once you open the settings window, remove the chat box by clicking the “Turn Off Chat” button.
  5. Alternatively, minimize the chat box by clicking the “Hide Sidebar” button.

Whenever you want to open the Messenger chat box again, click on the small chat box displayed at the bottom right.

With that, you can now easily focus on your work and won’t get any distractive Messenger chat box pop-ups.

Besides, someone viewing your Facebook window won’t spy on your Messenger messages.


Messenger chat box pops up on Facebook’s website when a new message is received in your inbox or when you open it to message a friend.

With the chat box open, someone can view your messages, violating your privacy.

Besides, you can easily get distracted from your work.

To avoid this, access your account via a browser and click the option to “turn off chat” or “hide the sidebar”.

That way, you will minimize the Messenger chat box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers the Messenger chat box?

The Messenger chat box will appear when accessing Facebook, especially on the website. This chat box appears when someone sends you a message on Messenger or when you open it to message a friend. When the chat box opens, you can turn it off or minimize it.

How to minimize Messenger chat box?

To minimize the chat box, open Facebook’s website on a browser and access your account. Once logged in, tap on the gear icon to open the chat settings window. Once the settings page loads, remove the chat box by clicking “Turn Off Chat” or hide it by clicking the “Hide Sidebar”.

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